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Part 5:People Need To Start Taking Johnny Depp's Allegations Against Amber Heard Seriously

by Gabi 6 months ago in celebrities

Newly released video shows no signs of an altercation the night of alleged attack.

It’s been a while since I’ve touched on the Depp vs. Heard situation but I’m back, and here to bring the latest updates that have come to light since my last post. Some of this might be news you’ve already read but I think it bears repeating anyway. Here we go.

Now when I tell you there have been updates, I mean a whole bunch that has blown more holes in Amber Heard’s story than a block of Swiss cheese. The first of which being that she never donated the$7 million divorce settlement.

If you remember, Depp and Heard finalized their divorce in 2017, a process that was deliberately stalled due to Amber requesting more money in the settlement until finally agreeing on the $7 million that, in her words, would be donated. Legal documents clearly state that the money “will” be donated and, following the divorce, Amber did countless interviews where she states how the money had been donated already. Well, here’s the thing with that, according to the charities, they never received donations from Heard. In fact, only two payments were made; the first from Johnny Depp which he donated on Amber’s behalf, and one other anonymous payment in 2018. Of course, no one knows who sent the anonymous donations but there have been speculations. “Why is this important?” you might be asking well, for starters she kept money from sick children which alone is deplorable but also, perjury. So much perjury that if it was a mountain, it'd be Etna.

It's long but this Tumblr post goes into great detail:

During the trial against The Sun over in the U.K. Amber testified, under oath, that she had donated all seven million. A testimony that led the judge to conclude there was no way she could be a “gold-digger” since she didn’t keep the money. “How do you know for sure she didn’t donate it?” Well, aside from the hospital saying so, her own lawyer went on to state that Heard hasn't donated the money because of the cases Johnny brought forward. It is early but let’s do some math. The divorce was finalized in 2017, the defamation and libel cases were brought forward in 2019. It's now 2021, which equals 5 years. I don’t know but it seems like there was more than enough time to make the donations.

Update 2: Johnny’s appeal for the U.K. trial was denied. Was it because the judge found Amber told the truth? Well, in short, no. In fact, they actually found that she did lie while under oath about the donations and admitted that there was sufficient evidence that she had hit him on multiple occasions but “not that hard”. Their words, not mine. Apparently, getting your finger cut off, contracting a dangerous infection, and then having your wife hide your antibiotics, isn’t really that bad you guys. "But wasn't it proven that he cut it himself?" No, it was not and Amber's own sister shared that information with a friend when it happened.

via tumbr

Despite these findings, Johnny still was not allowed to appeal the decision. Why? Well, obviously because he’s a powerful, rich white man in Hollywood. That was sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell. The only reason I can conclude is that the evidence against Amber was brought up after the publication of the article, which gave the moldy and germy rag allowance to print what they did (???) ...Excuse me while I puke.

Alright, the Pepto has set in, so let’s move on to the latest bit of evidence that came out just yesterday: Bodycam video. Obtained by Daily Mail, the footage is of that May 2016 night in which Amber claims Johnny trashed the penthouse and then threw an iPhone at her. Allegations she seemingly followed up with photographs allegedly taken that night but, and here’s the doozy, according to police on the scene, no injuries or sign of anything she stated, were evident during their search of the penthouse.

Look, I get it. A woman came forward with allegations and the public wanted to show her support, it's understandable. But when facts and evidence are released, showing a strong possibility that said woman lied and could've actually been the abusive party, it's okay to backtrack and say, "wait, something isn't adding up." Doing this won't tarnish victims or future allegations, it will help them. It will help them to not have their trauma used by abusers and liars, solely to benefit themselves. It will help real victims to have their voices heard and to receive the justice they deserve. The same justice Johnny Depp and Heard's other victims deserve.

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