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Myths about abortions

The truth

Myths about abortions

When all the bans came down last year there was a lot of misinformation that swirled around. The pro life and pro choice people both believed lies. A lot of Americans are pro choice. I wanted to put out the truth as a neutral person.

Some of the biggest myths are about abortion and health. Abortions if done in the right and safe setting it should not cause infertility or breast cancer. I don't know where the pro lifers got this information but it's not right. The only reason the abortion would affect the fertility is if the abortion is botched. Over 99.75% of abortions do not cause major medical problems. If done in the right setting by the right people abortions are safe. There are things that can go wrong, even at the best places. When using the pill you can bleed a lot but just keep an eye on it and you will be fine.

Most people believe that every woman regret their abortions and while some do most feel like it was the best decision for them. A lot of them believe that they didn't need to be mother. 95% of all women who have had an abortion don't regret. Some believe that women wouldn't have an abortion if they knew what being a mama was like. In reality a lot of women who have kids already.

Depending on which side of the debate you're on you probably believe a lie about if the baby can feel pain. The baby can't feel pain until the 24th week. Some research even showed that the baby couldn't feel pain up to 29 weeks. The pro lifers will have you believe that the fetus can always feel pain and some pro choice people may have you believe that fetuses can never feel pain.

There are some who believe that there is no reason for abortion especially no medical reason. There are some reasons to have abortions including medical. Sometimes there is a birth control or condom fail. There is a thing called an ectopic pregnancy where the only way to "fix the problem" is an abortion. There are other medical issues that may need to end the pregnancy. There may also be some personal reasons for an abortion.

There are some situations where women are told that it maybe best if they got an abortion. There are less and less women who are being talked into an abortion. A lot of women are choosing the abortion path on their own. This was a myth because that's how it's depicted in movies and also a bad stat was shared.

People think that there are too many abortion or that there is a rise in the number of abortions. Actually since 2008 there have been a decline in the amount of abortions. This has happened because of better access to birth control.

People also think that the only way to stop abortion is abstaining from sex. Another way to stop abortion is to make birth control cheaper. Also to teach safe sex practices because you can't keep adults from having sex.

There was a thought that abortion is racist. But there is not evidence for this claim. Black neighborhoods don't have more abortion clinics. Also black women aren't more likely to have abortions.

People also believe that the only thing that planned parenthood is abortions but that isn't true. They also do tests, education, birth control and sonograms. Yes abortions are what a lot of people pay attention to them for. There are almost always protestors out there.

I just covered some of the biggest myths. There are probably more out there.

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Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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