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My Body. My Choice

No man is going to tell me what I can and can't do with my body.

By j. lovePublished 5 years ago 4 min read
@thefive15 on Instagram 

First, it was birth control, now it is abortion bans. They just want us to go back to sitting at home, taking care of their children while they work and use us as their sex toys and political playground. I think the fuck not.


As a 19-year-old woman in 2019, this word still tramples our very existence. You would think that since we live in the 21st century that we, the women, would be equal by now. But, it seems that even with the distraction of the media, even with the womb that gives birth to the entire planet, we still come secondary. And don't get me started on being a black woman. But I'll save that for another post.

I woke up the other day to find out that yet again, Men were making legislation about Women. Men were yet again trying to control Women. Men were yet again treating Women as property. Men should never be calling the shots on what a Woman does or doesn't do with her body. If a man has an issue with that, then he's going to have to just deal with it. A real man would want the best for a woman. A real man who has an issue with that should be able to have a healthy conversation about such issues but, never force a decision upon women to do anything.

Here are just three easy ways to tell if you should be making rules concerning women:

  1. You have a uterus AKA womb.
  2. You are educated on the female body.
  3. You have had a menstrual cycle before.

If you cannot confirm at least two of the three, then you are not entitled to make decisions about what I, or any women for that fact, does with her body.

A woman's body is hers. A woman's body is sacred. A woman's body is her temple.

(Though nobody asked) here is why I am Pro-Choice:


In the black community and many others, there are way too many cases of young girls getting raped or sexually assaulted by their relative. People would find out or the girl would say something and either nobody believes her, nobody wants to believe it's true (they think she's just being fast), or she feels like she cannot tell anyone. The relative walks around scott free with no consequences. There is no excuse for this. Now, what if the girl gets pregnant? She should at the very minimum have the option to decide what she wants to do with the child.


When people have the option to do something, they usually opt out of the "bad" option. For example, the prohibition lasted only 13 years. Outlawing alcohol only made people (who probably weren't even thinking about it, to begin with) want it more. And if you are thinking "wow what an outdated topic," look at marijuana. Marijuana is slowly but surely making its comeback. Telling anyone they are not allowed to do something only makes the majority of them curious. The rush of doing anything illegal or "wrong" makes people do it anyways. I believe getting rid of abortion all together with increase the death rate of not only unborn babies but of the women as well.


With that being said, If a woman decides to have an abortion (and that is her right to decide) then at least she will have the procedure done safely at an abortion clinic.


Another frustration is men have the option to just leave. There are so many kids without fathers. If it takes two to tango, then the man needs to be there 100%. And on that same topic, these men that keep making these outrageous laws upon women don't care about their impact. These men do not have to carry that unborn child for 9 months. These men do not have to give painful birth to these babies. These men do not have to pay thousands of dollars for these babies expenses. These men do not have to raise these children. These men, therefore, need to have several seats.

Look, I am not saying I agree with abortion, however, every woman should have the right to choose instead of feeling unsafe and judged by the choice she makes about her body.

Thanks love, enjoy!


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