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by Aleta Mackey 14 days ago in health

Taking our power back during this time in life

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Hi Tribe, beautiful souls! I want to always be raw and honest with you and share my truth. I share my challenges and healing tools so that maybe, just maybe, it will help someone through tough times. I feel the more I can share my challenges, the more you might be able to see past illusions & go deeper for your self-healing.

I published my first book (I Am Not My Story, and neither are YOU) in 2014, and my second and third will be published soon. I started writing when I was 20 years old; it took me over 20 years to complete that first manuscript! I had been journaling for years before, I took my journals and channeled them into the first manuscript. I dug deep to heal, expose myself in vulnarability to hopefully be a conduit for your healing as well as mine.

Why did it take that long? Well, if you read it, you will understand, this was my healing tool. For each sentence that poured from my fingers, tears were streaming! Each sentence exposed every punch to my head by my father & every burn to my body by my mother. My strength and perseverance also flew through my fingers with every keystroke!

When I started my company Luv Joi Lyfe, I decided not to use filters or edits on videos and photos. I think we are inundated with images that are not real, and it can affect our self-esteem if we are not conscious that this is not an authentic image. Our young girls see photos that are unattainable because they are photo-shopped.

Why am I sharing this with you now? Well, beautiful souls, I am going through f****** menopause! How many women are afraid to share this? The media, I feel, has brainwashed us to think we dry up, become uninterested in sex, get fat, and lose our F****** minds. Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to give you a new experience or perception. I am NOT having these issues, quite the opposite!

What I was experiencing was sweating like I ran a marathon for two months straight every night. I was getting about 3-4 hours of sleep at night. Because of lack of sleep, my immune system was compromised and I became anemic, my adrenals were tanked due to cortisol release (stress hormones).

Oh, btw, I am very holistic (for those that are new to the Luv Joi Lyfe tribe community), so I am not taking any bio-identical hormones or hormones of any kind. It is a personal choice, and I am not judging anyone who does! I am riding this wave, and it is very challenging. The sweating stopped about a month ago as far as the intensity of the marathon. I now have less sweating but still not sleeping as I was before.

There are days when I feel super sad, and I know no other reason other than a dip in hormones. I then have to do what I can to handle these feelings, use my tools and herbs to calm my mind. I feel depressed at times; again, I do what I can to address these feelings. I think that I am riding a wave, and I will get to the other side soon, but I am getting thrown up against rock walls in the meantime.

So, ladies, I would love for you to know that you will have your own experience when you go through menopause, and I chose to be open to what was, not what I had been told my experience would be! The mind is a powerful thing; I could have easily said to myself, "you're going to get fat, dry up, not want to have sex again, and be a super crazy chick."

I am doing the best I can to ride the wave and give myself compassion along the way.

If you're going through any of these symptoms, you've got this woman; we can DO THIS! It's a cycle of life, and it's empowering if we choose to see it that way!

Sending you Peace☮️, love💝, and light💥~Aleta Medea

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Aleta Mackey
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