Man vs Woman

What would you rather? By Diana Murray

Man vs Woman

I often think that I should have been a man.

I’m smarter than most men. More capable than most men. I’m even physically stronger than some men!

Yet, they are the ones who are (or were) running the show? Really????

They get all the praise. All the credit. It’s not fair!!!!!!!!!

I often think that I would have been much better as a man, and better off as one too.

That I could do so much more.

I think about all the benefits they have that I don’t, simply because of some silly and ridiculous biological factor that isn’t all that significant.

It’s not my fault!

Sometimes, I really do wish I could choose to just BE a man instead of a woman.

Actually it would be quite nice to get to have ALL the benefits of being a man, AND of being a woman too! And none of the responsibility of being either.

Then, I think about it for around 10-15 mins. I think about the reality of it.

I think about BOTH sides, the good and the bad, the positive and the negative to being either sex. And I always come to the same conclusion.

I am VERY satisfied with being a woman. Actually, I am thrilled to be a woman.

And that is what I AM.

I AM a woman. For better or worse. The good and the bad. Whether I like it or not. And no amount of denial, resentment, whining tantrums, complaining, word twisting, or equal rights is going to change that FACT.

If I despise being a woman, that would kind of make me sexist towards my own gender. It would mean I was the one who thought women were not as good as men. It would mean I would not like or value myself or any women.

I am also an adult, not a child, so I understand that I can’t have everything I want. Just because I want it.

I can’t have it both ways.

So I’m gonna accept my fate and look on the bright side.

I’m going to allow myself to fully enjoy the real benefits that come along with being female, without any guilt or shame or resentment.

And now.......I’m going to go get a manicure.

Thanks for reading!

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