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Leave Fat People Alone

by Kayla Manning 3 years ago in body

Why does it matter how big we are?

Why does being a fat person matter to so many people? How does it affect you when all we do is just exist in the same spaces?

Why does everyone and their mother have an opinion on what I should wear and what I should eat?

Here's the thing friends, it doesn't affect you at all. Don't comment on a fat person post and tell them that their promoting obesity, when you're sitting there eating two burgers and a large fry.

The only difference between us is our weight and that's the first thing you see when you look at me and before you've even had the chance to get to know me, you're telling me about how your aunt's third cousin did this unusual diet where she lost 60 pounds in three weeks!

Wow is that how you would introduce yourself to a skinny person? Of course not so why do it to me? You're not my doctor, you're not a dietitian, so why tell me how to lose weight? Trust me when I tell you, I've tried everything. I work out and eat healthily and I work with a licensed dietitian. Yes, I enjoy burgers and pop and junk food but so does the rest of the world but hey come after the fat girl I guess.

Thin people get upset and claim body shaming when someone says "eat a burger.'' Must be so hard to be skinny. Can't relate. The truth is, thin people cannot be body shamed. Yes it probably sucks to hear that you need to eat a burger, but being told every other day that you should try dieting and working out and that no one will want to be with you and so on and so on is worse, imagine the person you like asking you out a joke and while his friends and him are laughing at you because "no one would go out with a fat girl" sucks just a little more.

Please stop telling us what we should wear and what we should eat and for the love of god STOP telling us how fat you feel. Holy smokes, does that ever get tiring. If you think your fat, what do you think of me?

Now I can't speak for every single fat person but honestly, do you know how tired I am for trying to justify my existence to you? The world has always and probably will always cater to thin people so when a fat girl is on the front cover to playboy or sports illustrated people lose their minds. The hate we receive for just being alive is astonishing.

Now please understand why this needs to be said. Fat people are the same as you. You don't need to make us feel bad for our bodies, trust me the world does that enough.

I want people to understand that unless you have gone to a medical school and are fully licensed, then even then maybe you can tell me to lose weight, still wouldn't recommend doing it.

So please don't give me dirty looks if you see a fat person wearing a crop top or shorts or a dress or any clothes you deem bad for a fat person to wear. Don't give us dirty looks if you see someone order a burger and fries and a milkshake, it doesn't hurt you, it doesn't affect you. Just leave us alone, unless you want to become friends then talk to us but if all you're going to do is make us feel bad for being a certain weight just leave us alone.


Kayla Manning

20-year-old activist. I love makeup and cats! Life is good when you find the beauty of it all.

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