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How amazing women are

By Dalmy AlvesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash

When I hear this song I always wonder what Stevie Wonder must have lived through? What did this lovely woman do to him to make him sing like that? Precious! he declares in the song...

I feel in love listening to this song, I feel in love when in the words of the song I think of my wife and I can say: Woman is the most beautiful being in the world! No comments.

There are so many times that we witness and hear about men who mistreat women and I wonder what is in the head of this man? and the conclusion I have is that he is psychologically ill, I wish all men knew how to treat a woman well, especially the woman we love.

Everything in a woman is different, the eyes, the mouth, the nose, the neck, the arms, the chest, the waist, wait a minute, I'm getting back to what you can see, the outside, the woman is different inside too, she is sweet, she is gentle, she is stubborn but she is gentle, she gives herself, she reacts to good treatment and closes up when she is treated badly.

If we want to see a woman at the peak of her personality we must treat her well and understand her, a woman who is understood and loved flourishes, I am not just talking about spouses, I am talking about siblings, friends, colleagues and father.

I grew up with many women, my sisters, cousins and aunts, so I was already well educated on how to treat a woman, today I have a beautiful wife and in the bad times we go through I can see how she is affected in everything of her life, I am a father of a girl so here it is clearer that woman is my study for life.

No matter how much we want to understand we will not be able to, everything she has is of manufacture, they were already made this way, they were made to be loved, cared for, honoured, we only need to think of our mother, what our mother went through not to lack us, what a mother can do for a son or daughter, it is inexplicable.

And the woman is indecipherable, every day is learning with her, yes is often no, no is clearly yes and truly a big no, the situation will tell you what will be, funny but that's just it, so we should never hurt a woman, if today we have a society like this is the result of many hurt women, a hurt woman can many things that even the devil admires, I prefer to fear a hurt woman than a man.

If a woman wants to be dangerous she will be better than a man can, everything she wants to be better than a man she will be, in everything! I repeat: Respect women, there is a saying that ''if the world was ruled by women we wouldn't have so many problems'' and I can agree, even knowing the consequences, don't smile it's serious! Feel free to smile hahaha.

So a man can do many things, but it's hard on women things, but a woman can do many things a man does, incredibly women have all the capabilities, they don't have 5 senses like men, they have 6 senses! The feminine intuition makes them different in all beings.

I want to dedicate this text to all women because without them we would not come into the world, man is not without woman and woman is not without man.


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Dalmy Alves

I'm a young dreamer who seeks to make many dreams come true, one of them is to make a living from writing, I love to write about everything, including the things I love the most, so stay here, maybe you'll identify with me.

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