In Praise of Real Women This History Month

by Robert Turner 7 months ago in feminism

Hint: They’re not waving any flags

In Praise of Real Women This History Month
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’You are our world and you carry it’s future in your hands’

This is a thank you to all the real women that cross my path on a daily basis. The women that enrich our world with their multi-faceted views, that recognise the beauty that surrounds us and that uplift us, not by focusing on the failings of others, but by seeking out the positive, to effect change in our world.

The women that understand their own true value and speak from a place of real strength.

It’s Women’s History month and there’s a lesson to be learnt from it. Not simply for women, but for all of us. Look at the figures you’d consider notable of inclusion on this list.

Women like Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Jane Austen, Anne Franck and Rosa Parks, the list is endless.

What makes these people special? Was it their gender? Did they achieve greatness by focusing on their birth sex? Absolutely not. Their actions defined them, their deeds created a legacy that allows today’s women and men to look back on them as shining beacons of what someone with will and purity of purpose can achieve.

They did not achieve these things, merely because of their gender, but despite their gender. That they achieved what they did, in an era of repression, speaks volumes.

Their will, drive and compassion stemmed from an unshakeable belief in themselves. As people, first and foremost.

Rosa Parks would have sat down for men, for women, or for race, simply because it was the right thing to do. Amelia would have crossed the Atlantic, irrelevant of her colour or gender.

It was her destiny and she embraced it and realised her full potential. Marie Curie was most certainly not driven by her gender and she revolutionised a field of science.

The lesson is a glaring and simple one. If you let your gender define who you are, it detracts from your ability to focus on your true calling. From becoming the best you can be, as a person.

It causes you to focus on the failings of others, rather than seeking the worth in yourself. It is in that worth, that true greatness lies.

Women are making inroads in every field of endeavour in the world. Take our female astronauts. You can bet your bottom dollar they didn’t qualify based on their gender.

They are not NASA’s token nod to the feminist movement but people who have achieved their positions through sheer determination, skill and a belief in their own abilities, despite their gender.

Do you want, as a woman, to step into a role in business based on your talents and acumen, or as a number? A filler for a politically correct society trying to find its way and fill quotas.

The second route will not earn you the respect of your peers, nor add to your worth.

How much better to earn that place based on the ability of your peers to perform equally, to earn your rightful place on the shoulders of greatness, rather than agendas.

Do you want to miss out on the love of your life, a lost opportunity, a life unlived, simply because your future partner never spoke up. Not once during those long evenings spent working together could he speak his mind. The risks were just too great.

If your voice is filled with anger, if you feel hard done by, persecuted by society, perhaps you should look to your sisters. To the real women.

The ones that do not concern themselves with gender. That are not defined by their sexuality. These are the people that earn their rightful place in society, that earn the respect of their peers and do far more for the cause of women than any others.

They do this through their actions, which in turn define them. We see them not as women, but as human beings, capable of incredible feats. Plumbers, nurses, doctors, engineers, mothers, lovers and friends.

They’re to busy living their lives and focusing on their strengths and values to wave flags. If they falter and stumble, we ALL reach out our hands in support because we see their humanity. They wear it in plain sight on their sleeve.

If you’re resentful and angry, your time is spent fighting the world. You cannot grow if you are engaged in war. Eventually the world becomes weary and turns away. Nothing great was ever achieved by focusing on the failings of the world.

Look to your sisters for the path forward, to the real women.

The ones I am blessed to meet, day after day. These are the people creating solutions, offering choices and promoting a better world. They speak from their humanity, from their place of strength and their voices carry.

Far and wide

Robert Turner
Robert Turner
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