IIT Delhi Startup Snafe False Approval Review Pening

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IIT Delhi Startup Snafe False Approval Review Pening

Sanfe is a startup incubated at IIT Delhi which is one of the most pioneered institutes in India. Sanfe launched a Period Pain Relief Roll On on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8th March 2019, to provide menstrual comfort to women with an essential oil based roll on to reduce their period pain that disrupts their daily activities during those days of the month.

The roll on is a natural solution for a female body’s natural phenomenon. Archit Aggarwal and Harry Sehrawat, co-founders of Sanfe, are working for women's health and hygiene to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to women and uplift their hygiene scenario across the nation.

Their #StandUpForYourself campaign has started out to be a massive success among women who are sharing and streaming their daily life stories about toilet issues and period taboos. Under #StandUpForYourself campaign, women are encouraged to like, share, and tag other women to create a buzz among everyone regarding the issues prevailing. The more people talk about UTI and its consequences, public toilets, and lack of civic amenities, period taboos, and lack of period necessities, the more people will be aware regarding it and be cautious and concerned about it given precautions are always better than the cure itself.

Archit had misquoted the information regarding FDA approval of the product during the launch, as both the founders thought that the Ministry of Ayush approval (which regulates Ayurvedic products in India) is equivalent to the approval of FDA and hence miscommunicated the information. But on realizing their mistake, they took immediate action and informed their consumers by publishing a corrigendum notice in one of the major leading newspapers, The Hindu.

The claims as reported by various newspapers have called out the duo to report fake claims but when asked, Archit and Harry had presented the Ministry of Ayush certificate which was found to be true. The testing of the product also took place by Space Organics and hence is safe for usage.

Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On has done wonders for every woman who has used the product 'til now and are already ordering it in bulk given the need of this kind of product in the market. After doing a survey among women who had used it said that they are extremely happy that Sanfe came up with such a boon in their life since it has not only reduced their menstrual cramps but also improved their mood swings and helped them being productive even during those days of the month. Few of the women had used Sanfe’s other product Stand & Pee as well, which also proved to be useful. Sanfe is now known for providing not just sustainable but cost effective measures for women’s daily life hassles.

The duo calls themselves empowerment entrepreneurs for the reason to inspire, motivate, and bring confidence in every woman’s life through their social products. The two impactpreneurs are currently doing awareness programs regarding UTI and how to combat these infections, raising their voice against toilet hygiene and cleanliness and encouraging women to opt for female urination devices like stand & pee to prevent not just dirty toilet seats but also bacteria and UTI.

With the review committee still pondering and reviewing the issue to see whether it was a deliberate move by the duo or not, IIT Delhi has not given any conclusion yet. However, Sanfe has already embarked on the journey to empower and inspire women across the boundaries and to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to women for a better quality of hygiene standard in their life so that they are able to tackle the daily life struggles.

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