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If The Major Arcana were Reproductive Wellness Things

I bet you've never seen your tarot deck like this before!

By Emily the Period RDPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
If The Major Arcana were Reproductive Wellness Things
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As you all know, I’m a big fan of the witchy and spooky – and when it comes to bringing that vibe into my work, I love the use of tarot and oracle to tune into the body’s needs and set intentions. Whether it’s placebo or not, there is definitely some value in asking ourselves internal questions and connecting with our energy. The beauty of tarot reading is how we come to interpret our cards over time, and build personal dialogue that helps us make decisions and self-soothe.

Now I have to bring reproductive wellness into this – if the major arcana were related items, what would they be? I’m curious if you agree with me on these!

The Fool – representing the beginning of a journey, this card absolutely aligns with a very first period or menarche. Starting periods can feel nerve-wracking, exciting and messy, and just like The Fool there is a lifetime to follow with all of its changes and “leaping in to the unknown”.

The Magician – representing genius and problem-solving, I would call this the “super absorbent period underwear” card. Free bleeding but nobody would ever know? Magic.

The High Priestess – this card is your period tracking app! Aligned with intuition and hidden secrets, period tracking apps can give a powerful insight to our bodies and our cycles (make sure your period app doesn’t just focus on predictions as these can be inaccurate!).

The Empress – I would call this the ovum card, representing the female biology and component of conception. I don’t like to consider this a feminine energy card as it can exclude folks who don’t align with femininity but still ovulate!

The Emperor – to complement the Empress card, this is the sperm card and represents the male biology. Again, I wouldn’t call this a masculine energy card as it might take folks who don’t align with masculinity but have the “equipment” to make and release sperm!

The Hierophant – this card represents support and advice, and for that reason I call this the OB/GYN card. These providers can be a valuable resource for period, fertility and hormone questions – it may take time to find one you really align with but they’re out there!

The Lovers – while you might think this is a love and sex card, you’re mistaken! This card represents choices and relationships, as well as questions. I would call this the birth control card, as there are so many options available to manage your period and pregnancy goals, and having all of the information to make your best choice is important! When you’re thinking about starting a birth control, you might have lots of questions (check out my previous post about choosing a birth control method for ideas!).

The Chariot – this card represents travel and control in your journey. Being able to “collect the reins” and work in harmony with opposing forces is critical here – I call this the bra and binder card. Supportive undergarments can affirm gender, prioritize comfort and allow us to focus on the important stuff! Having a good one that doesn’t dig, cut off circulation or feel too itchy is essential.

Strength – aligned with courage and patience, we can call this the period painkiller card. Whether you use medications, heating pads, or movement to manage period pain, any of them help us to bring peace and compassion towards our bodies instead of forcing them to work while in pain.

The Hermit – here’s the PMS card! The Hermit asks us to retreat and create solitude, a time common before our period where we might need extra rest, extra snacks and extra love (from ourselves and others!).

Wheel of Fortune – representing changes and opportunity, I think of this as the sex toy card. There are so many options out in the world to help us tune into our pleasure and feel well; it can feel like a spin of a lottery wheel! And the toys we choose might change over time, giving us lots of fun no matter what we need.

Justice – this card is kind of heavy, with choices to make that impact us in multiple dimensions. I consider this the fertility treatment card, as there are many life-altering decisions to make and it can feel like a struggle between the heart and the mind.

The Hanged Man – this is the consent card, and here’s why I think so: the Hanged Man is in his place voluntarily, and he can leave at any time. Time is suspended for a moment to take a break and be introspective. Consent is required for all sexual behaviours, and it can be withdrawn at any time. Taking a break to get consent and check-in is essential!

Death – this is a card commonly misconstrued as negative and sad, however it represents endings to move into other things. I call this the menopause card, as the reproductive “career” ends and the rest of life outside of fertility begins!

Temperance – this is a loving and supportive card, and I consider it the “choosing a period product” card. There’s a mind over matter aspect and we have to make the best decisions for us – would a menstrual cup or disc be a better option for us? Do disposables make our periods more convenient? There are so many choices!

The Devil – another card that we associate with negativity, and rightly so. This is the “period and sex shame” card; it asks us to disconnect from the behaviours that are negative. Do we shame ourselves for having sex? How can be remove blame and guilt and secrecy involved in being a sexual and/or menstruating person?

The Tower – now this is a destructive card, but in a somewhat constructive way. This is “THAT period leak”. You know the one, the one that ruined your favourite pair of undies, leaked through your jeans and everyone saw, that left a stain on your car seat or the bus seat or the kitchen chair. It was messy and awful – and you had to sit in the embarrassment for a little while. Not to worry, these won’t be your every period!

The Star – the renewed hope card, this is the rainbow baby; the pregnancy after a loss. A new and sometimes scary start, with optimism and wishes abounding!

The Moon – the illusion and mystery card, I call this the pregnancy card. There are so many questions we have, things we want to know before it’s over! While a fetus grows, we have to sit with the questions until it’s time.

The Sun – and following the Moon, here’s the delivery card! It’s a new day where all of the work will come to the light. There’s no room for self-doubt here, baby’s coming!

Judgement – this card asks us to stop wearing “masks” and be authentic with ourselves. I call this the period skincare card, where we break out of the idea that our skin should be perfect all cycle long, and we come to love and care for our skin in all of its forms. We can learn what works best for us and ditch the blemish shame.

The World – a card of completion and wisdom, this card represents a world with reproductive freedom and autonomy. It seems like a far away journey, but with continued advocacy and work, we can make it a reality.

Did my card labels match yours? Which ones are different – share in the comments!


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Emily the Period RD

I help people with periods navigate menstrual health education & wellness with a healthy serving of sass (and not an ounce of nutrition pseudoscience).

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