Hygiene 101 For Women

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Ladies lets keep up our freshness this year.

Hygiene 101 For Women

Hi, ladies im back again with something that will help us be great this year. Let us smell good and feel good, be more beautiful on the inside and the out. Doesn't that just sound amazing.

1.Toothbrush and Paste

Now I usually keep two or three spare tooth brushes on hand just because but I heard that it is also good to keep an electric toothbrush in your bathroom, you might not want to travel with it and that's fine. That's what the extras are for traveling purposes, but for your day to day use let try to get our hands on an Oral B Pro 1000. Recomened by our everyday dentists as one of the best electric tooth brushes there is. More info read this article http://nymag.com/strategist/article/best-electric-toothbrushes-dentists.html

2. Skin care

Now let me clarify that this part is not just for people with skin problems. I'm talking to everyone even my smooth skin ladies, I have smooth skin but I know I still have to take care of it because at any moment I could break out and we don't want that. For glowing skin I highly recommend the "Pixi Glow Tonic" It's infused with Aloe vera and glycolic acid gently, symbiotically soothe and exfoliate, revealing brighter, glowing skin. It's good for all skin types. Now this next beauty might be a little on the pricier side but I have heard so many great reviews on these products. Estee Lauder advance-night repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. Powerful nighttime renewal serum for radiant, youthful-looking skin. Instantly adds radiance. Intensely hydrates, and ladies I can't stress this enough it is so important for us to hydrate our skin.

3. Underwear

I know this is a hard topic because we all love to look sexy in our underwear because sexy underwear is feel good underwear. Am I right? well.... WRONG! ALot of the time what we do not realize is that our underwear is what causes our yeast infections, which lead to odor, itching, and irritation down there. Thongs are perfect and look great but they keep the air from flowing if you know what I mean. That's really bad for our lady parts. Studies say that cotton underwear is great for you and I haven't seen anything that says lace underwear Not lace thongs! just regular lace underwear is good for you as well. I love a good lace so don't be afraid you can still look sexy in your underwear. Just be smart about your choices when shopping.

4. Soap (Lets get clean and odor free)

Taking a showing is such an important part of our day. But the question is are you using the right soups! we love soap that smells good because we think it's doing the job and making us smell good. But the truth is half the soaps we use instead of actually going deep in our skin the clean all the dead skin we shed at night, it just lays on the surface of our skin and does nothing. My ultimate favorite soup I started using is Dove! Does goes under the surface of your skin to clean all the dirt and grim from your day if you shower at night and from sleeping at night. Now the sensitive soup for our lady parts is "Summer's eve" is great I use that and "Vagisil" for perfect PH.

5. Deodorant

When I say people don't talk about this enough! I mean it. There really isn't any rocket science to this. Dove is the best point blank period. I know we sometimes love to be cheap but your armpits can still stink or produce way more sweat just because you wanted to be cheap. Dove is the way to go ladies.

6. Shaving

Now shaving can be tricky I don't care what part of your body you're working on. If you don't have the right razors then you're done for. Doctors suggest that a 2-blade shaving stick is good for you, it reduces bumps and irritation. If you want to spend a little on a good one, try the "Venus Women's razors"

If I missed some things don't hesitate to let me know! This is an important topic for women everywhere.

Rachel E
Rachel E
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