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How to survive menopause?

Today, the most frequent requests from women 45+ are the problematic course of menopause. Let's see what causes severe hot flashes, joint problems, excess weight issues, and even early menopause.

By ROBINSON JAMES HERBERTPublished 2 years ago 9 min read

Today, the most frequent requests from women 45+ are the problematic course of menopause. Let's see what causes severe hot flashes, joint problems, excess weight issues, and even early menopause.

Menopause is not a disease

The first thing to understand is that menopause is not a problem that suddenly arises. Translated from Latin, climax means "staircase", i.e. the transition from one life step to another, which you go through from birth.

Normally, neither menstruation nor menopause should cause serious discomfort in a woman, and even more so should not be considered a disease. The "harmony" of the hormonal system is a melody that should not be interrupted. And if the body has not suffered as a result of interventions, then everything should go calmly and smoothly.

Everything is important: how was puberty, adolescence, youth, were there hormonal interventions: COCs, abortions, Caesarean section (planned), HRT ... All these factors, plus the ecological and psychological situation will, of course, affect the course of menopause.

Today, doctors state that menopause has become much younger: as a result of surgery or HRT, women come to this period after 35 years. Let's figure out why.

Two nervous systems

There are two "basic" nervous systems in the human body: somatic and autonomic. The somatic nervous system is all that we can control and what we can learn: the work of bones, muscles, speech, movement. Vegetative - these are processes that occur "by themselves": digestion, respiration, synthesis of hormones and nutrients, metabolic processes, excretory function, etc.

During life, the autonomic and somatic nervous systems "compete" with each other in dominance.

A child from 0 to 7-8 years old has an active autonomic nervous system. Because the body is not yet fully formed, it is in the growth phase. Children learn to control the body, movement, speech. And they hardly manage their emotions. Anything can cause delight or cry. This is a characteristic of Vegetatics - heightened emotionality.

If we look at people in old age, we will notice that they become like children. Like children, old people have difficulties with controlling the body, movements, and often speech. And they are also very emotional, sentimental.

Normally, the autonomic system should "turn off" at about 8 years old and turn on again no earlier than 45 years old. And after the second "switching on" of the autonomic nervous system, we can say that the body "went into old age."

Have you noticed how many "young old people" are today? Early menopause, early diabetes, early fibroids, early problems with thyroid hormones, osteochondrosis are diagnosed as early as 25. Why is this?

I am not a doctor or a scientist, I can only judge by the people who come to my programs. In 90% of 100 cases in women, the autonomic nervous system is turned on "at the wrong time". That is, old age starts earlier, by 20-30 years!

How do we know about this?

It is often enough to talk for a few minutes to realize that this woman is emotionally immature. Can't control or transform negative emotions. And her reactions will be directed either to the outside world - aggression, anger, claims. Or inside - suppression, depression, apathy, "exhaustion".

When young "vegetative" clients come to me, I know for sure that Belly Edit will help them solve their questions. Because this will be a direct effect on the autonomic nervous system through the study of internal organs. The rejuvenating effect on the whole body, the face, the stomach are tightened, the whole body becomes lighter, younger, women want to live again, there is energy for creativity and a sense of the novelty of life, as in youth.

Vegetation in menopause

Now closer to the topic. Menopause is accompanied by hyper-reactions: fever, hot flashes, sweating, aggression, irritability, etc. What is this if not the symptoms of vegetation?

Doctors attribute this to a decline in ovarian function. But after all, God could not invent us women to suffer forever, eh? He did not want a woman to live in pain at all hormonal stages, from menstruation to menopause!

I say this because with the help of my technique it is possible to relieve pain symptoms in the "PMS", and remove endometriosis without cleansing (and today it is treated with hormones), and completely remove the symptoms of menopause. There are many examples of this in the reviews tab.

The function of the ovaries does not fade away in one day. This is also a process continued in time. And the body has the opportunity and time to rebuild, if nothing interferes with it.

What can get in the way?

First, as I wrote above, these are the previous hormonal interventions. Girls, dear, if you are not yet in menopause and do not even think about how it will be later ... Do not give yourself hormones from the outside! Even during pregnancy, "drinking progesterone for prevention" is an evil that will give its "answer" later.

Even oxytocin in childbirth to stimulate labor is an evil that will surely "shoot" later. And of course, these are contraceptives. This is probably the biggest evil.

The human body is an integral system. If we think that we are now taking COCs (contraceptive) and this will only affect the ovaries, we are greatly mistaken.

Our glands are also a single system. One depends on the other. The hypothalamus controls everything through the pituitary gland, and they depend entirely on the energy system.

Therefore, in order to remove the influence of previous influences, you need to take care of the health of your energy system. I give the tools for working with this level in detail on the Belly Healing course.

"Vegetation" turns on ahead of time and the body goes into old age, when there are prerequisites for this - the organs that provide the function of the autonomic nervous system are not in their places.

Secondly, and this is the most common story, the prolapse of the internal organs. Yes, they go down. As a result of impaired position hygiene, lifting weights, childbirth, improper exit from childbirth, improper exercise, abdominal diaphragm block.

"Vegetation" turns on ahead of time and the body goes into old age, when there are prerequisites for this - the organs that provide the function of the autonomic nervous system are not in their places.

The first signs of prolapse of internal organs:

- Hanging stomach;

- Pain in the lower back, especially from walking or standing;

- Urinary incontinence (in any form);

- Obesity (more on that below);

- Diagnoses from a gynecologist;

- Cycle failures.

Why is weight growing in menopause?

The pancreas is maximally involved here. And if we do not work with this organ, then we are not able to normalize weight. This gland is responsible for the amount of sugar (and therefore fat) in the body. If she does not feel well (out of place, lowered, overtightened), then weight problems cannot be avoided.

Moreover, today's human nutrition is catastrophically overloaded with sugar. And everything that enters the stomach enters into a chemical reaction with the juices of the pancreas (including) and "becomes fat", which is deposited in the stomach.

That is why my students, who begin active work on the Belly Healing program, quickly lose the excess from their belly.

You also need to understand that the main "weight" of the body is not even fat, but excess, dirty water. The lymphatic system would have to expel debris through its sewers. But it cannot, since they are clogged. The most important points of waste disposal are the lymph nodes in the intestines.

And since the organs are lowered, the intestines work at half strength, it simply cannot expel all that is superfluous in time. This is how we clog up more and more every year.

To find out if your gut is working well, you need to do the following test. Stand with your feet together. Place your hands on your navel. Relax and lean forward.

What do you feel? Was your stomach in your hands or was it "stuck" to your back?

If the former, then your abdominal wall is lowered, the abdominal muscles do not hold the frame, respectively, the intestines are also lowered, and cannot participate in lymph exchange.

Lymphatic drainage massages will not help here. If dirty water has no outlet, then no matter how you stimulate the lymph vessels, it will not go anywhere.

Why do joints "fly" in menopause?

And here, too, it was not without internal organs. Situation number one: you have problems with one joint.

Then it makes sense to look towards the lymphatic system. Very often these questions arise as a result of inflamed lymph nodes. For example, under the kneecap. The lymph node, inflamed, gives swelling to the knee. And instead of starting work on the stomach to start the normal lymph flow, you apply lotions and compresses (at best) on your knees.

Another situation - all joints fail. Then we suspect a gallbladder. The fact is that bile is part of the inter-articular fluid. When there are problems with the outflow of bile, all joints begin to slowly suffer. And again the way out is to work with the stomach.

Why does it all pile up in menopause? Often this is due to the fact that the emotional background is undermined. Many women experience a midlife crisis during this period. The stage of new self-awareness begins. We are looking for: "Who are we?", "Why are we, if the children have already grown up, and the husband is no longer interested?", And so on.

These searches without a good vector towards their true nature sometimes lead to a dead end. And instead of ripening, the woman seems to burn out. It breaks down emotionally and creates additional soil for the occurrence of failures in the field of vegetation.

To stop hot flashes, improve the psycho-emotional state, control your weight, remove pain syndromes, you need:

1) To establish the general work of all internal organs, because in the body, there is a direct relationship between emotion and an internal organ. When we begin to experience some kind of established emotion, for example, lack of joy, it begins to affect the organ, the small intestine, then the organ affects the muscular apparatus, the somatics, and then the organ affects another organ.

2) Establish an energy system, because our physical body is a jam, and our energy body is a jar. If the jar is leaking, then the jam will spill (the body will get sick).

3) Get rid of systemic influences that prevent you from living harmoniously, joyfully, because perhaps there are interweaving with ancestors.

We use all these tools on the Belly Healing program. We are engaged in the correct work with the stomach and establish these processes, we regain our youth, because we prolong the work of the somatic nervous system and push back the dominance of vegetation. There are even examples when women returned menstruation, which had not been for several years.


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