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How to Stay Stylish When It’s Freezing Out

With a few new additions to your wardrobe and a fresh perspective, these pieces will make you look forward to snow.

By Megan PortorrealPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

For many, colder weather means having to sacrifice fashion for warmth. It means buying a bulky coat to stay toasty during a commute or opting for pants whenever possible so you don’t freeze your legs off in a skirt. If you are one of those people counting down the days ‘til spring arrives, then we’ve got some news for you: there are tons of ways you can stay stylish even when it’s freezing out.

It’s no secret that colder weather requires you to put on extra layers. While this is an opportunity for creativity for some, it can feel like a hassle for others. The key is to find pieces that you love that are exciting but still functional and will keep you warm. Trust me: with these new additions to your wardrobe, you might even find yourself looking forward to snow.

1) Invest in a statement coat.

What most people hate about cold weather is having to cover up a cute outfit they carefully put together with a bulky coat. However, investing in a cute statement coat or two will make you look forward to layering up.

Stay Warm

This PrimaLoft® faux-fur parka from the GAP is perfect for any cold day. Not only is the color perfect for this season, but the faux fur lining will keep you nice and warm, especially while wearing the hood.

Make a statement.

Want to amp up your outfit for work or a special occasion? Look no further than this Faux Fur Coat from H&M. The texture and the faux leather belt are unexpected and will surely turn heads wherever you go.

2) Find a hat you love to wear.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “Hats aren’t for me!” or “They mess up my hair!” However, there are tons of different hat styles perfect for different hair types that will keep you warm and add some pizzazz to your outfit.

Stay Warm

Beanies are a staple when the weather turns chilly, but how can you make them fun? By adding a colorful pom-pom! This beanie from Zara will not only keep you warm but is guaranteed to make you and anyone else who sees it smile.

Make a statement.

The newsboy cap was everywhere last fall and that trend is continuing on this winter. Instead of sticking to a cotton black newsboy cap, opt instead for this tweed cap from Express for a sophisticated look.

3) Add some color with a scarf.

If your winter coat is a neutral color like black or beige, adding a colorful scarf can instantly take the excitement up a few notches. And with so many ways to tie a scarf, there are tons of possibilities!

Stay Warm

When you want to stay warm, it’s best to invest in a long, thick scarf you can wrap around a few times. This Sorbet Stripe Blanket Scarf from Loft is not only stylish, but is long enough for you to twist, knot, wrap, or tie any way you want.

Make a statement.

Brighten up any winter look with this Jemelle Embroidered Infinity Scarf from Anthropologie. The wool fabric will keep you toasty and the texture will draw all the attention to your pretty face.

5) Get a stylish pair of snow boots.

Let’s face it: cold weather often means the chance of snow. And while you can forget about catching the bus or subway on a snowy day in a pair of 3-inch heels, you can still look cool in a pair of snow boots; you just have to find the right ones.

Stay Warm

These North Face Shellista III Tall Winter Boots will make you wish for a flurry or two. Lined with fur, these waterproof, suede, and nubuck boots aren’t only stylish, but perfect for trekking through snowy landscapes or slushy sidewalks.

Make a statement.

When it comes to making a fashion statement, Rag & Bone always has you covered, even with their shoes. These Compass Boots will cost you a pretty penny, but they will be the talk of your inner circle (or your Instagram feed). Trust me: you’ll want to wear these with everything.


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