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Goddess Kali and your cycle

by Aleta Mackey 4 months ago in health

Men hold onto your balls, you need to hear this too!

Goddess Kali and your cycle
Photo by Monika Kozub on Unsplash

This is the real deal here, people; this is no B.S. talk! My life/women's lives are all revolved around her cycle, literally. Dear Men, If you think this article doesn't relate to you, if you live with a woman, have a daughter, or interact with a woman on this planet, ever, this article will enlighten you. If anything, it will give you an idea of why your woman is acting like a crazy person because we are not in our right mind with that dip in hormones! Most women won't share what is going on inside their minds or bodies; we are conditioned to be tough and get through it; it's not that bad; I think that started with a man! Indeed no woman ever said, "I feel like my uterus is going to fall on the floor, I want to rip one of your arms off and beat you with it, I want to eat the entire Lays and Hershey's factory at the same time, all while crying. I love being completely disgusted with myself as a human, said no one EVER".

Let me give you an idea of what it's like for me as a woman every month for the last 43 years of my life. I started my period when I was only 10! So for 43 years of my experience, I have had this continual cycle.

I get one solid week of being myself per month; that's it! I have five to seven days of P.M.S., which means my estrogen has dipped so much that I now feel like an ugly fat cow, I have the lowest self-esteem possible, and I don't even like my own company! This is the phase when I would typically have an argument with my man or ground my children for something; this is monthly! Until I realized I had to tell my partner, "Hey, I don't want to rip your head off and eat it for breakfast, to avoid that I will be hiding from you. You will appreciate the fact that you're still alive and will gladly slide chocolate under the door and pay for the subscription to Netflix".

By Geoffrey Moffett on Unsplash

However, I didn't learn to have boundaries like that until about nine years ago; the men before that suffered the wrath of Goddess Kali! But that wrath only came out because the men I chose were not truthful or and some were unfaithful, and my intuition knew it, so when the P.M.S. Kali came, she would pull her sword and start chopping. She gave me strength when I didn't have it. I used that power to say all the things that I couldn't because I was gaslighted every time; I was told that my intuition was wrong. After it all ended with some of those relationships, I confirmed it was spot on; everything I had felt was real. Sometimes, my hormones help me, but other than that super-power, it sucks. I am not exaggerating. Not only during P.M.S. do I have the lowest self-esteem; I only want to eat junk. That may be normal for some, but I am a clean eater and have been an all organic hippie chick for over 30 years. I would drive 2 hours to the only Whole Foods Market in Texas, and I was recycling before it was cool. To give you an example of a day of P.M.S. eating. I ate a bowl of pasta, a 1/2 bag of sour cream and onion chips, two Reese's peanut butter cups, two Cliff Bars; it is carb/sugar nation happening! The cravings are so intense; I want to eat everything to get calories for the next step in the cycle.

Okay, men, this is where if you were a female, the inside of you would be shedding, then, get this, wait for it, you will bleed so much blood that you are amazed you are still alive. This shit is real; I don't understand how it's humanly possible for me to lose as much blood as I do and be alive. I am giggling because it's so ridiculous. Now, I start the actual bleeding process, my hormones shift again, I now feel better in my psyche, but now my stomach feels like I am being punched in the gut by an M.M.A. fighter. But, it's no worries, us women are to carry on, keep doing everything as usual, like nothing at all is going on within us what so ever, were not feeling like death at all, we're just fucking fine!

By Damir Spanic on Unsplash

I am not putting all men in this category, but I have seen men that have become six years old when they have a cold and a sniffle. I would be concerned for the world as a whole if men had to go through this, the world would shut down!🤪🤪🤪

We're in this phase of gut-punching, uterus on the floor, cramping, for 3-5 days, depending on the woman. In this phase, were also not able to wear the clothes we usually wear because we are a bloated cow, usually 5-10 pounds of water weight, this is a great feeling let me tell you! Nothing you have fits you; you have to wear oversized clothes. Now, you're working, how does one do that? Do you buy a separate business period wardrobe? Oh, and there's that other thing about having to have period panties because, well, that's obvious. I can't go to the gym because I am a bloated cow and have a vast diaper to keep me from bleeding out and dying!🤪🤪🤪🤪 If I have a colossal maxi pad on, I can't put on my average workout cute booty leggings, I would need to wear man sweats, and I already feel, well, like I said many times, a bloated cow! I can't stop laughing as I write this so that you know my intention when I write this is to be real; this is so ridiculous it makes me laugh! 🤪🤪🤪

So let's recap, I have had 5-7 days of feeling low self-esteem, mind going coo-coo, trying to run away from myself, I don't like my own company, I am crawling out of my skin.

2nd phase of cycle, bleeding out, possible death, bloated cow, M.M.A. gut punches.

3rd phase think of my favorite movie Braveheart FREEDOM; I am finally myself, hormones regulate, body is back to normal, feeling like a hot sexy Goddess, confident, feeling myself, living my best life! This phase lasts 5-7 days of FEELING MYSELF!!

Then comes the 4th phase, ovulation, time to make those babies. Some women don't feel any changes in their bodies; they feel nothing at all, but not me; of course, I feel everything. This phase is not that challenging other than my ovaries hurt, and my body is doing what it should; it's ready to have some babies, if you know what I mean.

By Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

So this is what it's like in all four cycles of the month for women. It's even more intense for some women, and others breeze through their cycles with no issues. I wanted to write this because, as I speak, I am in the first phase of the cycle P.M.S. My mind is in the space of needing to spew my words to release some of this energy inside of me, that Goddess Kali energy, the energy that wants to burn down and resurrect. To all you women out there who don't allow yourself to rest, nurture yourself during these cycles, I say, FUCK THAT, we need to rest. If you have to say to your husband, "My uterus is falling on the floor and unless you want to wipe it up off the floor, let me rest!" Do what you need to do to take care of yourself, stop pretending that you're okay, everything is fucking fine, it's not fucking acceptable, you're exhausted, you're in pain. You need to go away and nurture that side of yourself, so you don't rip someone's arm off and beat them over the head with it! This is not an issue that we can continue to pretend is so incredibly easy for women anymore; just like childbirth, this is not an easy thing. Why do we as women pretend that we're not hurting that we don't need to rest? Who taught us that? Who said, "Hey, you, you don't matter at all; you need to suffer in silence, even though you're are losing more blood than any human with a normal injury."

I feel better, I attempt not to curse usually, but when I am writing, it feels cathartic! Take care of your beautiful souls. To you, men that may have read this to the bottom, I commend you; you care about women and want to understand them. Take head, dear one; the next time you see a woman/ your woman in pain, remember your balls falling to the floor and bleeding out of your ass; that might make you have a bit more compassion! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

If you need my guidance, I am a mind, body, spirit coach and my clients have been Paul McCartney his wife and Usher, to name a few.

Peace, love and light,



Aleta Mackey
Aleta Mackey
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