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Gender Disparity: Household Chores

by Prajakta Maraskolhe 3 days ago in gender roles

Women Rights

We all see at our home that men are doing outside household work and women are responsible for inside household work. There is no home left on this planet where this traditional rule is not applicable. Even though she is working women, there is no change in this rule.

Let's see what traditional rule says, according to it the ladies of our home should responsible for cooking, raising children, taking care of parents and other household chores.

The thought came to my mind when My mother covid-19 positive, my sister and I had the responsibility of my home. We handled household chores for one month. From waking up tonight to sleep, we were busy in it. We both had our studies everything shattered after this situation. We were exhausted after it, and no energy remained for our studies. At that time, I felt very unfair because I'm a girl, so household chores are my responsibility. Then I analyzed this is happening everywhere. Still, my mind is not accepting it; why will every woman suffer every problem or listen to others.

I'm not saying that men are doing nothing in household chores, but according to a study. I found maximum percentage is doing by women. If you see by historical point of you, earlier women are not earning; therefore, they had to look towards kitchen room, men responsible for bringing the bacon home, and that's why call him as the man of the family. However, now, the situation is partially changed; more women are coming out from home for a job to become financially independent. Still, this situation is unchanged. Now, Women have to look towards career, kitchen, children, family members, and remaining time towards themselves. After doing these things, there is no personal space for women to pursue any new for themselves. Her whole life is dependent on the things that are at home.

When there is a festival or any celebration or holiday, we see job people have a holiday, even on that day women don't have a holiday. She has to do her duty 24/7 every year. Sad for these ladies working a lot without getting paid.

After reading many reports on gender inequality, I found that there is a decrease in men's mindset towards it; many men believe there should be gender equality. However, when it comes to household chores, only a few belief in them and apply them.

After research and some real experiences, I found that now men are searching for a girl for marriage who is educated but should not has to do her job because she has to look towards home and children. They will never think that both can manage job and home by cooperation. Because of such mentality, there is less percentage of women at a higher position in their careers in the world.

After the birth of a girl and boy in many families, the family decided that the boy has to earn money, and the girl will handle the kitchen. Therefore many girls are away from education, or after completing primary education, they get married because there is no point in higher education. After all, in the end, she has to manage the kitchen.

Why there is not cooperative work in household chores?

Because it's the traditional rule, it hard to break it. It's unpaid work; no one wants to do it freely. And there is a social myth about it you born as men then the kitchen is not their responsibility, it's women job. And if men try to help, then people surrounded him criticizes them. Some women are not ready to give kitchen responsibility to men; they believe that they will mess up everything; it's not their job.

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Prajakta Maraskolhe
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