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From Cleopatra to Michelle Obama - Women That Continue To Inspire!

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By DaceyPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Inspiring Womens

Throughout history, we have repeatedly seen individuals that seem to have the ability to inspire and the drive to implement great change. There are literally hundreds of figures over the years that would fit this description, but there are a handful of people who did more than anyone to make the world a better place - many of them are women that continue to inspire generation after generation!

We have put together a list of five influential and inspiring women from all over the world, both recent and past, women that continue to inspire us!



For a lady that walked this planet around 2000 years ago, her legacy still seems to be going strong. She was particularly close with another legend of his day, Julius Caesar, who are regarded as two of the most influential people of this time. Heck, Cleopatra even has her own slot game "Cleopatra Gold" in her honor at which just tells you how prestigious this lady was, and still is.

Cleopatra was actually the last ruler of the great kingdom of Egypt around 50 BC, and she was cunning as well as powerful when it came to influencing Roman politics. Of course, back then the Roman Empire was rather powerful, as you all may know. She was one of the great pharaohs of Egypt, that’s undeniable, but many are uncertain if she was the last true pharaoh or not.

Regardless of the truth concerning this, she was reportedly breathtakingly beautiful and showed to her world at the time that females can be leaders of empires, just like her male counterparts in other areas of the globe.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

The Anne Frank story tells one of resilience, courage, and hope. Anne Frank was just a small girl at the time when she was forced into hiding during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam. Being of Jewish origin, Anne Frank and her family faced being sent to a ‘death-camp’ if they were found. The family lived in secret rooms behind a bookcase to avoid Nazi capture, and she kept a diary of the entire event.

For such a young girl, Anne Frank showed that with courage and resilience, even the most formidable and scary circumstances can be dealt with. Sadly, Anne Frank was eventually taken to a death camp where she later died of illness.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is often referred to as the lady who pioneered modern-day nursing. Nightingale was the lady who took care of soldiers who had been injured in battle during the Crimean War. As she would regularly go round and check on the soldiers at night, she became well-known as the ‘Lady With The Lamp’.

Nightingale was not just a well educated and motivated nurse, she represented at the time that women could be an important part of the workforce. This is something that was basically unacceptable at the time, but Nightingale made this push to radically change the working world. She is perhaps the most famous medical practitioner in history, and her legacy lives on today.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

An article about important women must start with Rosa Parks. Born in Tuskegee, Alabama in 1913, she was absolutely pivotal for the changing mentality between African Americans and white Americans. Her activities didn't just change things in the USA, they rippled around the rest of the world. For those that don’t know, Rosa Parks was the lady who made a stand during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She’s actually referred to as ‘the mother of freedom movement’ in the USA, which is quite a big title.

As buses in the United States back in the day were segregated where people would sit based on the color of their skin, Rosa Parks decided to sit in the area of the bus that was reserved for white people, and she refused to move when asked to do so. She continued to fight for equal rights between white Americans and African Americans throughout her life. She sadly passed away a few years ago but is remembered every year by the American holiday in her honor, The "Rosa Parks Day" on the 1st of December and February 4th.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama adopted almost a mother or sister like aura for many females based in North America. She is, of course, the wife of Barack Obama, and she was also the very first African American first lady the country had ever had before. This was a major deal and a great step forward for removing any form of racial segregation in the USA.

Just like her husband, she wasn't born into any great wealth, and in fact, she still refers to herself as a girl from the south side. Throughout her time as the first lady of the USA, she remained a great advocate to end homelessness and encourage women all over the nation to shoot for their dreams.

These five women are only a handful of strong women we never should forget!

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