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EVERYTHING you need to know about BIRTH CONTROL!

by Emma Smith 2 years ago in product review
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The contraceptive pill is the most popular form of birth control and today that is all we are talking about.

EVERYTHING you need to know about BIRTH CONTROL!
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Birth control. For one a miracle cure, for another hell on earth. Since the birth of the pill, many different variants of the contraceptive have appeared, each with its own side effects.

The little pill seems so simple that you do not get pregnant, but of course it is much more behind. Besides the fact that there are a lot of different types, there is also a lot to say about when exactly the pill works, what happens if you forget it, how it works at all and what happens when you stop. In this article, we therefore made a handy overview of what you can expect from the contraceptive pill.

How does it work?

It seems such an easy question that you hardly dare to ask it, but how does the pill actually work? Basically, the birth control pill is lying to you. Because it makes your body think that a pregnancy is going on, so that there is no ovulation anymore. The pill does this with progestin, which is a counterfeit variant of the hormone progesterone.

In addition to stopping ovulation, the pill ensures that your endometrium is unsuitable for implantation of a fertilized ovulation, no matter how dirty it sounds.

How to start taking the pill?

There are three ways to start taking the pill. One of them is on the first day of menstruation. The nice thing about this is that it works immediately and you are safe, but the disadvantage is that there is a risk of breakthrough bleeding.

Another way is to start taking the pill on the weekend after the start of your period. Your period will never fall on the weekend, which is also relaxed. The disadvantage of this is that he does not work for the first seven days.

A third way is to start taking the pill on the fifth day of your period. Then the chance of breakthrough bleeding is smallest, but a disadvantage is that he does not work for the first seven days.

Different kinds

The birth control pill comes in many different types. So you have the single-phase pill, two-phase pill and the three-phase pill. These three pills come in different dosages and compositions. As if that is not complicated enough, you also have the mini-pill and the lancing device.

Side effects

The side effects of the contraceptive pill are nervousness, headache, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, less sex drive, varicose veins, hair loss, back pain, fluid retention. This sounds very intense, of course, but remember that all side effects occur in less than 10% of women.

In general, these birth control pills have the same side effects, namely: mood swings, weight gain, headache, nausea, breast tenderness, breakthrough bleeding, increased discharge and fungal infections.

Stop birth control

A study found that 70 percent of young women were considering stopping the "miracle cure." When you stop taking the pill, a lot of things come up. It naturally starts with the decision and the question of which moment is best. Then you have to deal with the consequences - and in particular the advantages and disadvantages - and what other things are important, because what are alternative contraceptives and how quickly do you 'just' get your period again?

In practical terms, you can stop taking the pill at any time. However, it is a bit more sensible - for your menstrual cycle - to finish your strip. This means that you do not start a new strip after your stop week. This way your body can start to restore the natural cycle.

The following symptoms may occur when you stop. So it is not said that this happens to everyone.

1. An increased libido

2. You lose a few pounds

3. You are slightly more sensitive

4. You have a natural hormone balance again

5. You have a shorter period

6. Less trouble with mood swings

7. Less or no migraines

8. The chance of pregnancy is greater

9. You don't have to think about the pill anymore

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