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Entheogen, Goddess Within

by Sarah Johnson 5 years ago in history
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Woman Kind's Evolution, Healing, and a Long, Strange Trip Guided By Sacred Plant Teachers

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At some point in human evolution, something changed. We moved from being primarily concerned with survival to being creative, abstract, and spiritual. We created myths and rituals to help us to find our way through the spirit world and to bring spiritual meaning to our everyday lives.

Some people believe that entheogenic plants, such as certain mushrooms or cacti, influenced our species to become more metaphysical. In those times, women were most revered for their spiritual powers and the first deity was the Goddess. Women must now strip away all distractions and find the goddess within themselves.

How have women changed from the prim and proper, subordinate 50s housewife to the sexually and financially independent people we are today? Could the psychedelic summer of love have played a part in the evolution of women? What else could explain such rapid and sudden change? The music was certainly influenced by psychedelics at that time and I think mainstream culture has been permanently altered by this cultural freak out. Historically, psychedelics have helped to shape many indigenous cultures and spiritual practices around the world.

Maria Sabina, a woman who lived in Southern Mexico during the 20th century, was famous for her use of psylocibe mexicana for having spiritual experiences. She was very skillful in the shamanic art of their ritual ingestion. She was a powerful shaman who graciously allowed white people to participate in her ceremonies. Even 60s rockstars like Mick Jagger, John Lennon, and Bob Dylan are rumored to have taken part in the life altering experiences she provided. Yes, women's shamanic wisdom had a big impact on the dramatic cultural changes happening at that moment in history and their influence continues today.

How can psychedelics help women in this busy and stressful modern age? Many high powered career women are microdosing on LSD to help balance their moods and enhance productivity. It's helping them to become more calm and compassionate mothers and lovers. It's showing them the way out of living on autopilot, making them freer and more creative. Pharmaceuticals are costly and come with many undesirable side effects, but microdosing is cheap and non-toxic.

Other female professionals are foregoing pharmies and doctors in favor of psychedelic therapy. They follow a cleansing diet, set clear intentions, and prepare for their inner work. They take ayahuasca tea in a safe, comfortable environment and journey within to work out their issues. For many, this form of mental healthcare is far more effective than more orthodox psychology practices.

Dr. Amanda Fielding, a woman who has devoted the majority of her life to psychedelic research, has done some very promising work using magic mushrooms to treat depression and PTSD. She has a reputation for experimenting on herself. Many people swear by using psilocybin twice a year to fend off depression and keep themselves mentally healthy. Some claim psilocybin has anti-aging properties and look at least 10 years younger. How about adding that to your beauty routine?

In the witchy past, flying ointments made from various psychedelic plants would be used to grease a broomstick and women would absorb this mixture through the membranes of their vaginal walls. This is how witches could really fly. They knew just the right amount of a potentially dangerous herb (like foxglove, which can cause heart attacks) to include in their ointments. Their uncanny herbal knowledge was used not only to heal their families and villages, but also for their shamanic journeys. The spirit of the witch flying free on her broomstick is alive and well in women today in the form of psychedelic feminism.

The "psychedelic feminist" Zoe Helene awards grants for psychedelic research through her eco-feminist foundation called "Cosmic Sister." Her funding makes it possible for people to go on ayahuasca retreats in the Amazonian rainforest. Her creation of safe, sacred spaces for people to have personal journeys makes spiritual experiences more accessible to women. She has a deep respect for women and their inborn spiritual wisdom. Women are very underrepresented in the entheogenic community which is a shame because women have an emotional intelligence and a unique vision that is very much needed.

Anais Nin is known as a great poet and erotic novelist, but few are aware of her experience with psychedelic therapy that she describes in full in her 1955 diary. It is a very beautiful description of the psychedelic experience as only she could articulate.

Comic spirit of Anaïs rises, shakes herself within her cape, gaily, irresponsibly, surrenders to the mystery of life.Now I know why fairy tales are full of jewels.

Anais's Higher Self awakened her to understanding her feminine emotional sensitivity, giving her a sense of her own psychedelic feminism. What journeys will you have? What deep wounds can you heal on both a personal and global level? In what way can you help psychedelic eco-feminism to change the world? Your Higher Self is waiting to show you the way and civilization itself may depend on your awakening.


About the author

Sarah Johnson

I'm a mom, writer, designer, artist, singer, dancer, and lover of social justice and the environment. Vegetarian cook, really into holistic health and yoga. I hope my creating and writing bring some beauty and truth into the world!

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