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Elegant life

by danyonasriel27 12 days ago in art

Elegant life

Elegant life
Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

In the years of my life, elegance has already entered the autumn of my life unconsciously. As I was born in autumn, I have a special liking for autumn. In my opinion, autumn is the most romantic, elegant and intoxicating season, and the life born in this season must have his beautiful yearning and longing.

Yes, I like elegance. Besides autumn, I also like people and things related to elegance, including painting, calligraphy and classical music. In life, I advocate elegance and pursue elegance, because in my opinion, elegance represents exquisiteness, represents innocence and represents a beautiful vision of life. Without elegance, life will be disordered, the soul will follow blindly, and the years will be frivolous and barren.

Once upon a time, life didn't know how to be elegant and self-disciplined. Like those earthly people, it followed the waves and followed the crowd, so that the years passed fragmented and bleak. Fortunately, such days are not long, and the waking life takes me into a scholarly world. Exiled in the scholarly world, I slowly found myself, and found the interest and belonging of life. Over time, with the improvement of spiritual quality, elegance came uninvited.

Graceful! It is a fresh pasture, where life will bring endless reverie and distant hope, whether it is crowded or exiled. In the face of elegance, the tired soul is comforted and rested. Facing elegance, I slowly learned to be calm, think, calm and talk to myself. Of course, burning cigarettes and cooking Chinese characters will start. On the opening day, real elegance will come into being.

On this road, I met Dong Qiao, Jane and Rosa Rosemburg, especially Dong Qiao, who is a model of elegance in both life scenes and life years. Anyone who has read his writing can appreciate his elegant gesture. When you raise your hand and cast your foot, it is elegant and makes people obsessed and ashamed. Besides, his study is undoubtedly an elegant landscape picture. No wonder his works are so clear and transparent. It's no exaggeration to compare moonlight in its groves of pine and stones of crystal in its brooks. Yes, the elegant living environment has cleared away the weeds growing on the shoulders of the years, and the body and mind are right beside each other, with deep roots and lush foliage. Dong Qiao is elegant and spotless, although the world of mortals is rolling outside. The so-called sanctification can be seen and fully verified in Dong Qiao. Therefore, I am not so obsessed with Dong Qiao and his writings as I am obsessed with elegant life and the humanistic environment brought by elegant life is more appropriate.

Some people say that elegance is a kind of temperament, but it is not necessarily related to people's looks. Ouyang Zi, one of the eight great masters in Tang and Song Dynasties, is said to be ugly as a pile of trees. However, his temperament is blue, and his gestures are romantic and elegant. It is precisely because of this that there are many wives and concubines around him, and beautiful women are like clouds outside. Elegant life moistens his life, years and soul. A drunken pavilion is a portrait of his elegant life, from which we can see that elegance has not only entered his life, but also been integrated into his life, body and mind. The meaning of life is not in wine, but in mountains and rivers, which is enough to witness his noble and elegant from the bottom of my heart!

The combination of elegance and life has a continuous process, which is related to reading and spiritual quality improvement. In my life, I've never seen anyone who doesn't read for a day, and elegance will fall from the sky. I have only seen that the more people who read books, the closer they are to elegance. Both Mr. Shen Congwen and Mr. Yang Jiang have been reading poetry and books all their lives, especially Mr. Yang Jiang, who never leaves his books wherever he goes. Besides, she has received strict education since childhood, and the so-called scholarly family and the so-called good family are vividly reflected in her. Therefore, her elegance is like flowing water.

Recently, I read a book called "Water Flow-Heart Still Exists". Sister Zi Yun, the author of this book, is also an elegant person. If she is born with elegance, where does the elegance of her writing come from? I think it must come from her family, her experience and her own pursuit. Yes, just looking at the title of the book, it is like an elegant ink painting, which gives people visual enjoyment. Reading its elegant words makes people have endless reverie!

To put it bluntly, elegance is a kind of self-cultivation of life. The better the self-cultivation, the more beautiful its grace is. It needs nothing to embellish, and can be presented as soon as it opens its mouth. Whether it is Dong Qiao, Jane or Zi Yun, elegance has been immersed in everything in life, so elegance flows from life to every corner of the years. Elegance is noble and artificial at the same time. Without artificial pursuit, elegance can only be the moon in the water and the flower in the mirror!

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