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Don't ride on the back on my freedom with disdain for my equality.

by Jessica Joyce about a month ago in pop culture
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Looking into modern day feminism and unnecessary hate towards the movement.

Why do men still want to reap the benefits that feminism provides them, while not supporting the movement? It's a difficult question to answer, but something that has been on my mind a lot lately, especially in the mist of social media and other platforms. I have made an effort to emerge myself in feminist pages, to gain further insight into the topic's at hand. I do a lot of reading for and against feminism.

What I have noticed is this... Every time a man sees something he disagre's with or deems unequal, he blames those "Femnazi's", or the entire movement in general.

I will see the sentence "women want equality... BUT" and there's always that "but", because lets be honest women's equality will always be in question, even in the subtle ways.

One of the main things I have looked into lately is whether men should pay for the first date or not. I follow a guy on Facebook he gives out dating advice often. This was one of the topics that come up. He was saying that yes a man should pay for that first date or he's not a high value guy etc etc.

My personal opinion is that is should be split, or one pays for dinner, while the other pays for a movie or activity.. There shouldn't be an issue with paying for your own entertainment. I see myself an independent women, strong and of course a feminist.

What I have noticed is that a large number of women do still want dinner to be paid for, and of course there are some women abusing the system and trying to get a free meal every night of the week (I don't know how true that really is, or something a salty man made up), let's say for the sake of the story that it's true.

Anyway, I see that dam line come up every time "Feminists want equality BUT then still want us to pay for dates". What these guys are not realizing is that feminists are the one's trying to buy our own dinner! We have done the leg work for them, so that women can afford to pay for themselves, or even shout them a date.

I then see this same guy giving relationship advice, he's talking about chivalry, apparently another touchy subject! What I have noticed is the same guys complaining about paying for dates will be on the next post complaining about "feminists killing chivalry", once again blamed on feminism.

Do these guys not realize that they can't show giant acts of chivalry without paying for days, dressing up to the nines, opening doors and giving up seats?

Thing is as a women and a feminist, I personally always hold a door open, if I see someone behind me. As someone who has been pregnant, I would jump so fast out of my seat for a pregnant women on a bus. I wouldn't think twice about moving for someone elderly or disabled, because to me it's human decantcy. For some reason with men, it comes with conditions and expectations of wanting a standing ovation, and a giant badge of chivalry.

Regardless men often seem angry at inequality they face, and for some reason blame the modern feminist because they are so angry about losing their privilege that they don't understand they actually want to benefit from equality too.

Let's not even bring up the fact that in Australia women make up almost fifty percent of the paid work force, but men still see themselves as the "breadwinners". Men will accept their partner working but won't give recognition, then will want to be thanked for doing the dishes, or simple household tasks. It is not the story for every household but a very common theme, I have noticed.

So in conclusion, I believe that society as a whole men and women need to stop blaming feminism, the movement or individual women for the issues that men face and maybe look at the bigger picture. Learn about feminism and take the time to truly understand it in dept before saying the movement hates men.

We want to make a better society, where men do not have to pay for all the dates, have equal opportunity with their children (this starts in the home before a relationship breakdown, not after!), and men are able to freely express themselves.

It needs to be a group effort, but men need to do their share and stop reaping the rewards of equality while holding the movement back. Stop saying I believe in equality BUT....

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