Beyoncé Was Right The Whole Time ...

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... girls do run the world.

Beyoncé Was Right The Whole Time ...

Equal rights, equal opportunity. It seems that the crusade of women to prove that they are competent enough to run businesses, intelligent enough to invest in stock markets, ruthless enough to be the head of a corporation that sells manly stuff, might not be entirely accurate.

Sure, the pay is still not equal, sexism is alive and well, but are women truly pushed to the side when it comes to the grand scheme of things? Are they honestly sitting on the sidelines? Have they always been? Shouldn´t we give ourselves more credit than that instead of continually persuading others to recognize how much of a killer alphas we are?

Let´s look at some of the three most inspirational women in history who pulled strings all along, despite the general opinion in those olden days.

Anne Boleyn

There is an idiosyncratic bop musical currently on a roll about the six wives of Henry VIII. - a British monarch infamous for his knack to behead people for amusement. His second wife, Anne Boleyn, otherwise known as one of the smartest bitches of the 16th century, fell victim to Henry´s growing insanity and her inability to give him a male heir. Despite how tragically her life ended, she managed to accomplish quite a bit during her time at court.

The best part about it? She used her wit to move the pawns on the political chessboard, instead of using weapons that nature had endowed her with. It is believed that Anne was not precisely what you would consider these days the typical doe-eyed Hollywood beauty. Her moderate looks did not contribute to becoming a whisperer of the most powerful man in the world, his partner in crime, his most trusted advisor.

Instead, she utilized education she received during her early days at the French court, managed to navigate through the life of being pushed around by her vicious father Thomas and ambitious brother George, and ended up bossing their asses around as the Queen of England. Solely with her independent spirit and belief in herself, she achieved the impossible: The king broke off his marriage of almost twenty years, separated himself and his kingdom from the claws of the Catholic Church, and made her Queen.

If that´s not bad=assery, nothing is.


Marie Sklodowska Curie eventually lost her battle … Continually trying to get people to pronounce her name correctly. She also lost her battle to cancer due to the constant exposure to radiation.

This Polish angel dedicated her life to science and redefined medical research as we know it. We could spend hours debating a perfunctory way in which she studied polonium and radium that led to the discovery of mobile radiography (X-ray), her work in medicine successfully led to radiotherapy, which led to decrease in death by cancer.

If that is not reason enough to admire here, you can also add modesty and humility to her impressive spectrum of scintillating character traits.

Albert Einstein himself confirmed that she was one of the only people that could be corrupted by fame. Whether we could attribute it as a robust childhood experience arc during Polish patriotic uprisings in the second half of the 19th century, or a lifestyle of a never-ending reel of hard work, the value she brought to mankind is commensurate with her kindness and dedication to science advancement.

Frida Kahlo

Fearless artist, political activist, and one hell of a fighter who pushed through several personal tragedies only to become one of the most celebrated painters of the 20th century.

You may have heard about the 2002 biography starring Salma Hayek, maybe you may have had to write a paper on surrealism in high school – either way, Frida Kahlo is a powerhouse name through and through.

The general public knows about a bus accident, which left her limping for the rest of her life. What is less known - it also contributed to finding her solace in art. What qualifies as a lesser-known fan trivia, Frida Kahlo, was a mistress of the Communist Russian revolutionary by the name of Lev Trockij.

Although she had entangled herself with other famous men, such as a fellow painter Diego Rivera, she stood out though out the years with her work in arts because and despite her decreasing health and numerous deaths in her family.

If you feel like you can´t get through that painful meeting with your associates, or a Thanksgiving dinner with your relatives – check the life story of a woman who had been hit by a bus and widowed numerous times, yet ended up becoming an icon of the last century.

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