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Being a Woman in 2017

by Tanisha Dagger 4 years ago in gender roles

Where have we come from as women?

Women have come a long way from what we were associated with many years ago. However, some people still believe that we should still be associated with the times of the past. This may be because it is what they have learned and what they have believed in, but it might also be that they don't want to change from the past.

In the past women were left at home whilst the men went to work. Some examples, of what the women would do whilst they were at home would be to,

1/Looking after the children. Sending the children to school, maybe teaching some of the children at home. Although this still counts today we have developed child care centres and jobs around the country/world for women to be able to still care for their children.

2/Cleaning. This would involve the women to clean the house every day. Cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the living room.

3/Cooking. Women were left at home to do the cooking. This was because some men believed that a women's job was in the kitchen and that's where they should stay. This would involve getting the breakfasts ready, preparing lunch for the children and also preparing the tea for the family and have it ready for when the man got home.

These are just some of the examples of what the women had to do many years ago, they weren't really allowed to go out and work. They didn't have the rights to go to work.

However, this is very different times today. Although the men of the relationships still go to work, the women now have the rights to go to work and the rights to do what they would like to do.

Women are still more responsible for childcare but they are the parents who usually get a longer maternity leave than what the men of today would get. Although this isn't fair, there are people trying to protest to get the same amount of time for both parents.

Women still like to do the cooking and the cleaning around the house but sometimes the men of the relationship do help. They take it in turns to cook the food for the evening; they may even have the food ready for when the woman gets home from work.

Many men still believe in the older times but usually this is because of the way they have been brought up and what they have been brought up to believe/know.

However, women in 2017 and a couple of years before have achieved so much. They have achieved the jobs they want, the houses they want and the lives they want. They also have nearly as many rights as the men had in the past.

In 2017, women don't have as much stress as what they would have had in years prior but this doesn't mean they are just as strong as men. This means that we have dealt with what we have had to deal with. We have also learned how to overcome the obstacles that have tried to stop us from achieving what we have our minds set to.

As an example of women of 2017, I don't stay at home. Both myself and my partner go out to work, earning near enough the same amount and both doing the same job. However, I am in the midst of changing jobs, so this means I am in the period between jobs. I am at home constantly so I am cooking, cleaning, vacuuming and sorting the washing out for when the partner comes home.

When I go back to work then me and my partner will take it in turns to complete the daily jobs that is needed so we are able to continue with our lives inside and outside of work.

I think this is where most relationships are able to work is because you are taking it in turns, you are helping each other and you are also doing different jobs inside and outside the house to keep the house intact.

gender roles

Tanisha Dagger

22 years old.

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Tanisha Dagger
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