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Be an inspirational woman

by Chris Cooper 2 months ago in feminism

Now women are not subordinate to men, women can be inspirational

Lack of sense of security in love, worry about gains and losses how to do?

I have a lot to say about this.

Side there are some girl friends to fall in love, began to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, worry about boyfriend and girlfriend, worried about my boyfriend with which girl walked too close, will want to why he didn't back to my information, struggle in a day or two send photos why boyfriend like that girl's circle of friends, or even stay with my boyfriend, Boyfriends will think a lot when they are in a daze.

I'm not going to say how bad this behavior is, because everyone is in love, it's normal. I went through a period of insecurity myself.

From the beginning such as SMS, if he back to the text message is slow I will think about in a day or two, why back to late, was busy or already don't care about me, and then derived on text content, will be picking words to study each of his words, even out of the dictionary to check what is the meaning of that word, I think the meaning is right, I just care too much about his every word.

Later, I would carefully study every word he said, and silently compare in my heart whether it was me, if not who it was. I also carefully read every comment below to see if there are any suspicious comments, and consciously pay attention to who is commenting on what he says regularly, whether it's a man or a woman.

On a deeper level, every time he said he was going to play with his friends, I would ask whether it was a boy or a girl. If it was only a boy, I would be temporarily relieved. If he answered that there was a girl, I would say "have fun" while struggling in my heart for a whole day.

Will be very care about him in touch with his predecessor, it will be very concerned about his side play a good girl, even secretly take yourself to the side of girl than with her, because I'm sorry, will also go to secretly ask girlfriends they who is more outstanding, and I hear girlfriends in the sentence "when I think how some", in the mind will be uncomfortable at that moment, Even if I knew my best friend was mine, she would have helped me.

I also used to live as his appendage, will worry about gains and losses, will be anxious, will feel good security, even in front of others we are not bad

At that time, I was as insecure as the girl in the message.

At the time, I hated myself and felt like I was living the life I least liked.

I don't like the feeling that my happiness and sadness are completely controlled by others, as if I have lost the right to happiness, all given by others.

I'm one of those people who, when I think I'm really unhappy, I find a way out of that unhappy predicament. I told a friend of mine all my feelings, all the little selfish thoughts of being in a relationship, all the worry about what I'd get. As a person who has been in love since high school and is very happy in love, she directly told me, "You should know that security can only be provided by yourself, not him, not this relationship."

Fortunately, MY understanding has been good, I recognized what she said, I also want to change, I began to slowly find myself, to be kind to myself, rather than relying on others.

Since then, I spent two hours every day to read, I can read all kinds of books, at the beginning I like Zhang Xiaoxian, love tone is very into my heart; Later I read Yishu, her women are strong and independent even in love, I admire; Later, I read books by Zhou Guoping, Long Yingtai and CAI LAN, which I also loved. Later, I was not satisfied with only reading books that inspired my heart. I read books on interpersonal relations, psychology and management. During this period, I also read several recipes about weight loss and conditioning, and learned a lot of practical things.

If I want to say that the process of reading my biggest harvest, it is probably in the book I learned to heal myself, I also harvest some of the author's views and some of the skills, the most important is that reading makes me truly enriched.

I started to get a gym card, to run and exercise, to run for an hour every day, to have two jazz classes, three yoga classes and one belly dance class a week, and I began to get rid of all kinds of entanglements in sweat. In fact, I want to learn dance for another reason. I think girls who can dance are very energetic and beautiful in my eyes. I want to be one of them.

Later, after doing exercises every day, I felt relaxed, like getting rid of a great burden. I was really tired every day, and I didn't have so much time to worry about personal gains and losses. During running, my mind might occasionally flash those things THAT I struggled with. Then I was very tired, and I kept telling myself that I should finish the run. It would be more tired to run with these annoying things, so I simply told myself that "IF I have time to think about those tedious things, I might as well finish the run and go to sleep". I wanted to be better, both outside and inside.

I began to please myself, occasionally and bestie walk heart talk a day, and friends to go shopping to buy their favorite clothes, go out to look for all kinds of delicious things, while the sun ride to the suburbs, tanhualin to play feel the art, to climb the mountain to play a variety of fun places.

I began to take good care of myself. I began to put my heart into bringing happiness to myself. In return, I was really happy

It was a flower so beautiful that it seemed to take up all the colors in the world. Its petals are in the shape of lotus leaves, and each petal is its own color: red, white, yellow and blue, competing with the poisonous sun above Africa.

However, its flowering period is very short, only two days at most. After two days it will wither along with its mother plant, and flowering means the end of its life.

In the desert regions of Africa, plants need water to grow, and flowering plants need it even more. The average African plant has a large root system to collect water for its own water needs. But emifloral has no root system. It has a single taproot that winds its way lonely deep into the earth in search of water. It takes luck and hard work. It takes four to five years for an eemias to find water in the dry desert, and then it gathers nutrients one by one. After completing all the nutrients it needs for its bud, it blossoms! So when it is at its most beautiful, it has exhausted all its nourishment and withered away.

With five years to open a flower efforts, this is how tenacious and sad things. If according to the rice flower grows in the water grass abundant fertile place, it will be beautiful for a lifetime, unluckily, its hometown is in the desert.

People want to be wiser and more rational than Emihua, and people want to have a brilliant ideal more intense than Emihua. But we often do not have a lifetime of perseverance and efforts, in the face of difficulties and obstacles, often accept the environment to arrange their fate.

The road of life has several decades, but the years of courage like Yimihua are really too few. With a lifetime of beautiful mood to work hard and insist, everyone will do better than now


Chris Cooper

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Chris Cooper
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