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Aunt Flo has lost her mind

A morning of nothing going right

By Kia T Cooper-ErbstPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read

My gaze flicked from the previous month on the calendar showing the normalcy of a five day row of x'es to the current month with x'es marking almost eighteen days. I sighed and thought " what the hell."

The x'es mocking me showed that something weird was happening with my body. My thoughts ran a mile a minute as I wrapped a towel around my body and reached for my phone. Feeling the slow drip of yet another drop of blood dripping down my inner thigh as I stood there calling my doctor. Setting the phone on speaker as I reached for yet another tampon only to realize that I was out and then having to hunt for a pad all while listening for either the answering service or even the front desk nurse to answer the phone.

Finally getting the pad in place as I donned a pair of lacy panties I heard the nurse give her phone spiel inquiring whether I needed any help. I asked if I could have an appointment with my doctor to which she quickly told me that they had an open slot 2 hours later and that she would schedule me in for it . I responded gleefully with a yes then hanging up the phone before pulling on a soft pair of jersey shorts and a tank top and sneakers.

Standing and glancing in the mirror at my reflection seeing the faint specks of gray sprinkled throughout my messy brown curly hair, warm brown eyes with widely spaced brows, and a full lush mouth. Giggling to myself, thinking the only sign of age was that smattering of grey as I smoothed my fingers over my eye lashes and brows. My gaze trailing down over my body with a small smile as only a bit of extra weight shows the ravages that motherhood has wrought.

I quickly shake my head and gather my bag, phone, and keys before preparing to head out. Stepping out the door, I happened to look back at my reflection and growl low in my throat seeing a faint but growing tinge of red appearing on the back of my jersey shorts. Quickly making my way back inside and slamming everything down on the couch before hustling back to the bathroom in search of another pad and hopefully finding a precious tampon as well.

Cussing beneath my breath as I pulled off my underwear and shorts then looked at the stain. Muttering “ it could have been worse” as I threw them into the sink and filled it with cold water. Standing and walking further into my bedroom, searching my vanity desk and then my purse for hopefully an overlooked tampon before snatching up a clean pair of boy cut undies and another pair of shorts. My fingers felt the familiar shape of a tampon at the very bottom of my purse while my other hand was holding a towel between my legs so as to not leave a trail of blood while I hurriedly applied it then redressed.

Casting a glimpse at the clock, I cussed again this time louder as I grabbed my purse and keys. Locking the door, then taking the stairs and jumping into my car, I had the thought of “did i grab my phone?” Quickly driving to the doctor’s office, the thought persisted as I pulled into the parking lot and hustled out of the car.

Walking in , I checked in then went to sit down to wait and be called. Before I could fully search my purse, I heard my name being called. Grabbing my stuff, then following the nurse to do weigh in, blood work, and of course answering the multitude of questions about my health. The nurse then told me to wait and my doctor would be in shortly, i quickly dumped my purse the minute she left the room only to discover that my suspicions were correct. I had left my damn phone at home.

I just shook my head and wondered how the rest of my day would go considering this had only been the first two hours of my morning .


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Kia T Cooper-Erbst

Writer, poet, author. submissive. Mom of three wonderful human beings. These are the first things that come to mind when I think of myself besides being the obvious.... which is daughter, wife,etc.

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