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As a woman...

by A.A.C. 19 days ago in gender roles

I am tired!

As a woman...
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I am sorry, I need to vent:

Can we talk? If I am being honest, I love being a woman but it is exhausting being a woman. I can only imagine what my ancestors would feel. I do not want to yell “Sexism” or “All men are…”, but at the same time I do not want to sit quietly and just let someone say whatever they want and feel I do not know what I am talking about just because “I am a woman”. Being a woman is tough, but I am tough too. Just exhausted. We deal with so many things: Sexism, beauty standards, health issues. It is like playing a video game; we go through a lot of obstacles to get to our goal. However, I am determined not only to win the levels but to also beat the game. I just need to say what and why I am exhausted.


So I love sports. Especially football. If I am not talking football and the occasional basketball to my dad or brother-in-law, I am talking about it on social media. I voice my opinion or my praise for my team. I don’t mind a little ribbing from guys when talking sports. However, there will be the occasional guys or what I call “The Boys Club” who demean and act like I do not know what I am talking about. I am not Albert Einstein or Marie Curie, but I know football. I will defend my opinion respectfully. However, what I will not take is when I hear

“Oh she is just a girl”

“This chick doesn’t know what she is talking about…”

Or the one that gets me

“Go back in the kitchen”

However, when I come back with an insult, I am too emotional. Like I say, you can have a respectful conversation but the minute you bring my gender into this, all it is saying is that you did not hear nor care about the point; you cared about my gender.

Don’t get me started on politics. It is always far-right men who come sideways. They honestly come into the conversation as if I asked. We may be talking about political parties, but I didn’t invite you or your opinions. They are the worst with their sexism. Saying things like “hun”, “dear” or “cupcake”. I am sorry but if you have to bring in sexism into this.

Beauty Standards

Women really have to deal with a lot when it comes to beauty standards and it doesn’t help that girls are going through it at a young age. We are taught to have small waist, long hair, fat stomachs, clear skin, make up. While men “say” they like a natural girl, if they really got natural they would want us to go back to photoshop. On social media, we see girls who use filters, photoshop and leggings that make your butt big. Yet, we see mean (and women) demean or ridicule natural women.


Our health seems to always be a trigger button, especially in politics. Why is it that women and their health is so controversial? Whether it comes to birth control, abortion or mentrual cramps I do not want men involved or telling me what I can or can’t do. Swear to God, A man I literally never met who is conservative brought up abortion when I literally was giving kudos to Kamala being the first ever Vice President. To make this more disturbing, he said it “was his business” with what I do with my body. What?! I honestly felt he cared more about my privates than me. We go through so much with our health (menopause, menstrual cycles, pregnancies, etc.) I do not need it to be a man’s responsibility unless he is a doctor.

Double Standard

Women are held to a higher standard. Whether it is health or sexual history. Men can sleep and have many sexual partners, but if a woman sleeps around she gets called names and is shunned. Women cannot even speak out on their sexual desires without the pearl clutching or gasps from society. For example, Snoop Dogg had an album with a sexual position as the name (Doggystyle) but he spoke out against Cardi B having a song called “WAP”. Make it make sense please! Men who have multiple women are called “Playboys”, women with multiple men are called “Whores”. George Clooney was a bachelor known for having multiple women but Taylor Swift is made fun of for dating all the time. Cue eye roll.


I can write a novel on the exhausting lives women have, but you see just a little of how I feel. I am, and I am sure other women are too exhausted. This is not to bash men but this is to say how being a woman is not an easy road. However, I will survive. No matter the pain or struggle, we women have grit and we can handle a lot. We just sometimes need to vent. Thank You for reading.

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