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Advantages of Wearing a Sports Bra Instead of a Traditional Bra

by Kiran R 2 years ago in fashion

The importance of wearing a sports bra for women

Advantages of Wearing a Sports Bra Instead of a Traditional Bra
Sport bra for comfort

Who said sports bras are for female athletes or those who engage in physical activities? In fact, a sports bra is much more than a workout accessory. Many doctors recommend women wear it even if they aren’t exercising. This is because it offers several health benefits and also helps to maintain wearer’s health.

In this article, we will have a quick look at the medical and performance-enhancing benefits of a sports bra. Read them and you will find out that this uniquely-designed soft bra has a lot to offer you:

1) Reduce Breast Pain:

Women who exercise without sports bras often complain about breast pain. This is because of their continuous movement during a workout. As a sports bra is designed to secure breasts in one position, it restricts their movement, thus eliminating pain.

2) Minimize Sweat:

Sports bras minimize sweat by absorbing them. This, in turn, prevents moisture buildup and risk of bacteria and odors. This will eventually keep your body cool during workout. On the other hand, traditional bras are not made to ventilate and can result in potential skin irritations and infections. Even if you are not exercising, wear a sports bra to beat the hot weather.

3) Eliminate Discomfort:

Normal bras often cause discomfort even if one is engaged in low impact exercises such as stretching exercises, jog, walk and so on. These bras do not hold breasts in place and also result in sweaty patches on shoulders and other areas. It is where sports bras come into play. These bras are designed to handle motion and movement while offering maximum comfort. In other words, they hold breasts firmly in one place. Their lack of underwires, delicate fabrics, and firm ribbing makes it easier for a woman to move around.

4) Prevent premature & long term sagging:

Studied have shown that inadequate support and breast movement can result in premature or long-term sagging. This is because these movements loosen the elasticity of breasts and cause them to sag over a period of time. In ordinary bras, breasts move as compared to sports bras in which their movement is completed restricted. That means wearing a sports bra is an effective remedy to prevent sagging of breasts.

5) Offer Storage Space:

Some sports bras are designed to hold small MP3 players, keys and other such stuff securely. Popular among women athletes, these designed bras offer subtle space to carry things, thus reducing the number of items you need to carry. This also means you won’t have to worry about your things getting lost as you run or workout.

6) Can be worn after injury or cosmetic surgery:

Sports bras are safe to wear after injury or surgeries and augmentation procedures.

7) Avoid Nasty Stares:

If you feel embarrassed or annoyed by people who stare at your breasts while you exercise, then it’s time to switch to a sports bra. The bra will hold your assets in place and stop them from bouncing as you run on a treadmill or engage in any other form of exercise.

8) Sports Bras as an Outerwear for women:

Sports bra has become so trendy that we can try that as an outerwear for our daily use. The most essential thing in this is that it is very comfortable and we can feel relaxed after wearing it. The online market place is full of sports bras of different shapes, design, and colors.

These are a major fashion hit because you can wear them as a top or we can also style it with some other outerwear. Celebrities and everyday women can be spotted wearing them in public at supermarkets, gyms, and as well as around the house.

Kiran R
Kiran R
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