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A seasonal objection to abortion

by Emily Whyte 2 years ago in body
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How to win an argument with a pro lifer

Tonight on the way home I encountered some pro life protesters. You have all seen them; holding pictures of dead fetuses and their heads high in righteousness.

Now I live in Canada, the law of the land allows the choice to terminate a pregnancy. The choice to protest holding signs of dead babies (as long as its not on government property and as long as they are 50 ft away from abortion clinics) and the choice to engage with these zealots as one sees fit (barring violence of course). Choice, thats the optimum word. I just have happened to make the right choice in being pro choice.

In my day I have gone toe to toe with many pro lifers; spouting facts and figures and languishing in how lucky we are to have access to abortion, but it has fallen on deaf and perhaps stupid ears. Its no fun trying to win an argument with someone who is indignant and just keeps quoting the bible over and over- you never win.

I found a loophole however, an illegal termination to the argument if you will. Not once have I ever seen these fuckers with their signs in winter. The Jehovah’s Witness that proselytize outside of City Hall station are there rain or shine, sleet, hail, cold; they are there smiling and spreading their word. Why aren’t pro lifers? Is it a seasonal objection they have to abortion? Or is it not convenient to save lives in the 6 months of solid snow and cold we have in Calgary.

I walked up to the crowd that was now forming around the group of anti abortion activists (most of whom were men; thats another diatribe). The woman activist that was holding court looked radiant in the early summer light. She had a water bottle, sunscreen and the cutest damn outfit. Where she had situated the group there was a spot of grass, trees for shade and a good view of the endless string of young men in suits exiting office buildings; ultimately it was a perfect place to spend an afternoon on a warm May day, and for protest.

Instead of engaging her with the intellectual reasons for why a society needs freedom to terminate unwanted pregnancy, I said hello and commented on the gorgeous afternoon we were all enjoying. She smiled and commented that God had blessed her group with the perfect weather for holding ruining the sunshine with their grotesque images.

I asked if they come here often, “all the time” she replied.

“In the summer though” I replied.

“No all the time” she said.

“No, I’m at this corner every damn day, ask the Jehovah’s Witnesses” who I waived at, they smiled in return offering a copy of the Watch Tower my way.

“No we’re here all the time” her voice getting louder in frustration.

“No, you are not. Women all over the world have to face a life changing decision in all four seasons, but you get to pick the time and place you set up here just like I get to decide what I want to do with my body.” She looked down at the ground as I performed a fake mic drop for the crowd that had formed around our exchange.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I admire anyone that feels strongly enough about something to stand on a street corner and share their views, but I carry my values through rain, sleet, hail and cold I don’t just hold signs on sunny days.


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Emily Whyte

Lover of good food, good tunes and cats.

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