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8 Women Bad Habits That Could Turn You Blind

by Ark 2 months ago in list

Women Bad Habits

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There are many types of research reveal that women are more possible to experience eye problem as they age than the men. It will be an important thing to do if you can prevent the bad condition to occur. Visiting the eye doctor frequently is a good starting point to do. Pick the one who has advanced technology to detect and treat your eyes problems. One of the popular cutting edge tools used by the eye doctor is called Ophthalmic Phoroptors. In this post, I will show the 8 Women Habits facts about women’s eyes problems.


Applying too much eye makeup can lead to dryness. This problem is most common in the eyes. Sometimes there is a feeling of grittiness in the eyes as well.

2. Cataracts

Most women can live longer than men. They will likely develop cataract than men. Cataract usually will occur when women are in the age after 40 years old. You need to have surgery to remove the eye problem. Some symptoms of cataracts include the difficulty to see objects at night, blurred vision, less vivid colour and cloudy vision. It will be better to make an appointment with your physician first to find out whether your eyes develop cataract or not.

3 . You're Not Getting Sufficient Sleep

If we are not getting sufficient sleep at nighttime, it can stimulate the ageing process. This can lead to inflamed eyes, dark circles, eye and blurry vision. Over the continued duration of time with inadequate rest, we can feel popped blood capillaries due to eye strain.

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4.Oral Contraceptives

The consumption of oral contraceptive can affect the health of your eyes. Some women develop blurred vision after consuming the oral pill. If this situation occurs to you, you need to visit the physician to find out the alternative for birth control method with a limited side effect on your body.

5.Dry Eyes

Menopause is one of the phases in a women’s life. It can be a hard phase that women should face since many changes occurred in their body physically and emotionally. The hormonal issue in the body can affect the surface of your eyes too. Normally, the eyes will be dried than before. It will be painful and annoying for some people. You may go to the eye doctor to have your eyes checked and get the lubricating drop to moisturize the eyes.

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Makeup is an inseparable thing in women’s life since they always want to look beautiful in any occasion. One of the important parts to make up is the eyes. Women will love to apply mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. If all of them cannot be applied in a proper manner, they can infect your eyes. Furthermore, the quality of cosmetic used for makeup should be in great condition. You should dispose of the cosmetic that you have used for six months. If you love to use eyeliner, make sure that you can apply it to the rim of your eyes. Contact lenses are the other important thing to increase your beauty. You can put them on your eyes before you apply the makeup.

7.Macular Degeneration

The last fact is about macular degeneration. This problem usually occurs because of the ageing process. It is the primary cause of blindness for Caucasian women when they are aged. You need to visit the eyes doctor regularly to find out the solution and perfect treatment.

8.Eye irritation

When skincare or makeup products accidentally get in the eyes while applying makeup, it can cause eye irritation and irritate the delicate eye tissue. Due to which the eyelids swell.

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