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5 intimate questions all females want to be answered

by Abika 7 months ago in body

Your personal question may be common in others

5 intimate questions all females want to be answered
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The female body is one of God's most unique creatures on this planet. This body was made as a self-sustaining machine with indicators that sound the alarm every time anything goes wrong. The best way to make sure you keep this body in perfect shape and working order is to inquire about changes that make you uncomfortable.

Here are answers to a few of the questions I have been asked. Of course, if you want to send me more questions you want to be answered then please get in contact with me.

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Should I be worried if my vaginal discharge changes?

This is a very scary topic for lots of young women and to some older women who haven't really paid attention to the changes that occur throughout their monthly cycle. If you weren't aware before the vaginal discharge changes in consistency and by extension color throughout the cycle. Changes occur as the uterus and ovary change in anticipation of ova.

  1. Stage 1: From days 6-7 of the cycle, there is no vaginal discharge.
  2. Stage 2: From days 8-13, vaginal discharge goes from thick and by extension slightly cloudy to slippery. This is to facilitate an environment conducive for sperm survival and transport into the uterus.
  3. Stage 4: On ovulation day, day 14, the discharge is clear and very slippery. This is optimal for sperm delivery and survival. However, as days more further away from ovulation day, the discharges become thicker and a little cloudy.
  4. Stage 5: Approximately, 2 days before menses start the vaginal discharge stops. after which I new cycle begins again if pregnancy does not occur.

The changes in the vaginal discharge are likely due to the fluctuation of hormone levels throughout the cycle. Unless you are familiar with the changes that are normal to you, do not take the changes of the discharge as normal.

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How often should I shave down there?

Shaving "down there" is uncomfortable! Very uncomfortable in my opinion. Also, there are risks of cuts and razor bumps and so many other problems.

But hair grew there for a reason and in some cultures, it is a sign of pride. This doesn't say you should not keep "there" groomed. The level of baldness is dependent on you and what you and your partner are comfortable with. That means you can shave, wax or use hair removal cream as often as suits you.

A few tips to remember:

  1. Only shave on the parts that are visible to you.
  2. Never leave the hair removal cream longer than instructed. This is danageous, very dangerous.
  3. Use razors that protected layers.

How safe are scented soap and vaginal wash?

One of the amazing things about the female body is the ability of the vagina to clean itself. Alo of person doesn't understand this fact because it seems weird, but it's true. The vagina is a unique environment, when this environment changes there are signs like a change in discharge, that tries to purge the offending agent.

This means regular soap and water to wash the outside is enough for proper hygiene. Scented soaps contain components that can change the pH of the environment and everything that occurs in the environment. There is no need to wash the inside, which is the main reason why douching is can be problematic.

In fact, the human body has its own sweet scent. Perfumes and added fragrances are just additives. Yes, the body has sweet scents.

How often should I change the pad?

The menses are very comfortable, between the cramps and the "wetness" and all the other things, it's too much. One more thing on that plate is, well you, when to change.

If you are very conscious of what's going on down there, then you probably change a lot during the day. This isn't a problem unless it starts to affect your daily routine. If you want to know, even if you count the hours, when is a good time to change that will be between 7-9 hours. Unless your periods are heavy, then you would want to change more frequently. But you should never stay more than 9 hours with the same pad.

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I get a weird scent after sex, why do I have it?

It is common to have a strange scent after sex. In plain terms, when 2 different body fluids mix during coitus there is a possibility that there would be a difference after. Within 24 hours and or even after a shower the scent usually subsides. This scent generally isn't offensive just strange.

However, strange scents accompanied by changes in vaginal discharge, discomfort like pain, itching, etc, and other changes on the skin or fevers, then you may have something more.

Did these answers help or do you have your own questions?

I hope these explanations can ease your worry or give a nudge to go visit your ob/gyn. If you haven't started a cycle tracker then you should start. I would recommend using Flo. I am completely in love with this app because of the completeness in its attempt to track you through your cycle. The good thing is you input the information you want, so nothing there isn't placed there outside your will. Also, the accuracy is on point.

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