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10 Signs You May Be Super Fertile

by Leanna Davis 4 years ago in body

Looking to conceive? Or maybe you're just curious? These are the top ten signs you may be super fertile, according to your body, your history, and your lifestyle.

Whether it has to do with your hormones, your period history, your medical history, or simply your body, these are the top ten signs you may be super fertile.

You might be attempting to conceive, or you must just be curious how many boxes you check off on our list, this list covers all of the signs that you might become pregnant with ease. Plus, now you have a reason to be happy that you are PMSing every month.

You PMS every month.

What might be the only reason why you would be happy to have hormonal emotional mood swings, first on our list of the signs you may be super fertile is that you PMS every month. And PMS doesn't just cover the emotional aspects of the premenstrual nightmare, cramps, headaches, and increased hunger are all symptoms of PMS, and they are a sign that you are super fertile.

This is proving to your body that your ovulatory cycle is intact, and on time. If you're trying to have a baby, PMSing is something you can actually be happy about, unlike most women.

Your period is guaranteed on the same day each month.

Next on our list of the top ten signs you may be super fertile is that your period is always on time. You can guarantee when you'll get your period, down to the time. Every third Sunday morning of the month? You know exactly how to prepare, and what to expect.

Women who have an accurate and timely period are very likely to be fertile. Plus, if you have a longer cycle, this can even mean that you have a strong ovarian reserve. However, this only goes for women who naturally have a predictable period, not one that is controlled by birth control pills.

Your diet is healthy.

A healthy diet has a huge impact on your fertility, and women who are struggling to become pregnant often have to alter their diets and daily exercise. Your body must be healthy enough to hold a baby, and this requires healthy eating habits, as well as vitamin intake and nutrition.

This is especially true for vitamin D. Plus, simply living a healthier lifestyle will improve your chances of conceiving.

Your breasts are well-developed.

This doesn't mean that every woman with DD sized breasts is automatically super fertile, but having breasts that are well-developed is yet another one of the top signs you may be super fertile.

This is because this is an indication that your hormones are functioning properly, which is a great sign that you are exceptionally fertile. This doesn't mean that someone with smaller breasts is not fertile, but those with well-developed ones are showing a sign that they are likely to be.

You can affect other women's periods.

Influencing your best friend or sister's period is a great sign that you are certainly fertile. Syncing women's cycles is practically a magical action, and it means one thing, that you have strong pheromones that allow you to affect other women's cycles.

Strong pheromones are a sign of fertility, and though it might just seem like a funny, and very emotional time for you and the women closest to you, it's a good sign for those looking to get pregnantsoon.

You produce clear discharge.

Though maybe it's not something that you're typically prideful of, having clear discharge is one of the top signs you may be super fertile. This will occur in the middle of your menstrual cycle, and will happen when a woman is most fertile, an often when you are ovulating.

Your body releases this discharge because it is used as a way to transport sperm through your cervix, before you conceive. So noticing a lot of this discharge is nothing to be embarrassed by, it is simply a way that your body is preparing to conceive a child.

Your blood flow isn't too heavy or light.

Having a period that isn't extremely heavy or extremely light is another sign that you are super fertile. What might be referred to as "normal" blood flow, the flow volume is an indicator that your uterine lining is shedding the right amount each month.

However, everyone's period is different, and though you might believe your period might be considered heavy, as long as it is consistent, and its timing is consistent, this too is a sign that you are fertile.

You don't get crazy cramps.

Next, on our list of the top signs you may be super fertile is that you don't get horrible cramps each month. Though cramps are still normal, and all part of the PMSing process, getting incredibly painful cramps is a sign that your body might be reacting to your period abnormally.

So if you don't even seem to get terrible cramps, this is another sign that you're fertile, and that you get to brag to your friends about not getting cramps.

You have a clean gynecologist record.

Having a clean medical record is definitely one of the top signs that you could easily conceive a child. This is because having complications can lead to other complications. For example, women who have suffered from urinary tract infections or STIs are more likely to get a pelvic infection.

And unfortunately, pelvic infections can block your egg-delivering. So women who have a completely clean record have a high chance of being super fertile. But this doesn't mean that women who don't have a spotless record have an affected fertility rate.

You've gotten pregnant despite using birth control.

Last, but not least, on our list of the top ten signs you may be super fertile is that you've gotten pregnant despite using birth control. As what might seem to be a very obvious sign, women who beat the odds of birth control are certainly fertile.

These cases are very slim, and as long as your doctor did not make a mistake, your birth control is no match for your fertility.


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