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10 Reasons Why It Pays to Be a Feminist

Male or female, we all possess masculine and feminine energy. If we truly want to experience the best of both worlds, think about why it pays to be a feminist.

By Michelle EstevezPublished 5 years ago 6 min read

Manny people think feminism is a dirty word reserved for angry women with armpit hair. Whether you take this stance or believe that it should be shouted in the streets and celebrated as the equality amongst sexes it stands for, there are multiple reasons why it pays to be a feminist. Male or female, feminism bridges the gap, and liberates all people from tainted beliefs and false narratives. Men are expected to act a certain way, and women are expected to do the same. Meanwhile, we are all stuck pointing fingers and accusing one another when all we need to do is open the floor to conversation on acceptance and understanding. Shattering false narratives and building new ones for the benefit of all is what it's all about. We are all equal—regardless of our sex, gender, or race. Failing to recognize this is what has gotten us in a lot of the trouble we experience today.

The First Date

Let’s start with a fun one. There’s an unspoken rule that implies women expect the guy to pay for the first date. It’s just another old narrative, but guess what, fellas. By supporting feminism, you let go of a long-held belief and get to indulge in the luxuries of being courted around to dinner and drinks. It really makes you wonder, why are men afraid of feminism in the first place? While there is nothing wrong with a man paying to treat a lady, there is also nothing wrong with a woman who will offer to pay. As we awaken to the equalities of both sexes, we no longer label the man as the sole provider. We’re also seeing more and more couples agree on splitting the bill. While some might be tight on cash, it’s not so much about the money as it is about showing your appreciation for one another. In this case, being a feminist literally pays.

The Pay Gap

The pay gap is its own issue that results in a set of symptoms. We fail to recognize that what women earn goes beyond salary. When it comes to benefits, many suffer from the added cost that come with certain needs. For example, not all employers offer maternity leave. This ultimately leaves women to face a harsh reality—spend money on a daycare service or sacrifice their career. By bridging the gap many women experience in pay, it can help offset some of these costs without having to give up what they worked so hard for. We shouldn’t have to choose between succeeding in our professional life and raising a family.

Gender Roles

Here’s a story we are all familiar with. You know how it goes: Mom stays home to cook, clean, and raise the kids, while dad spends the day at work winning that bread. There’s nothing wrong with this story. Except, what happens when dad wants to stay home and mom wants to work instead? What if they want to have the freedom to do both? When you’re a feminist, you support fluidity amongst gender roles. The false expectations drop, and there is freedom to choose without fear. Things that need to get done around the house are generally offered to be split between man and woman. Perhaps entire roles are split, if desired, where the woman will pay for the date one night, or dad might stay home from work with the kids instead.

This doesn’t just improve home life. Think about the positive impact this can leave on how the media portrays women and their male counterparts. It could make a huge difference in how the generation after us grows up. For example, men might be depicted as less violent in video games. In turn, it influences young peoples’ perception toward themselves. This why we all need feminism, it creates a ripple effect—a world where children can grow up learning that they don’t have to mold themselves to fit into a predetermined role. Instead, men and women can lift each other up and focus on other problems that plague our planet.

Gender Stereotypes

Equality of the sexes is what this party is all about, and it's one of the main reasons why it pays to be a feminist! With the wage gap closing and traditional gender roles shifting, feminists break down the walls that make up gender stereotypes in the first place. Most of the toxic masculinity we see today has a lot to do with these stereotypes and false expectations. For starters, most men view it as a weakness to openly share emotions. They fear judgement from their peers and loss of status. Instead, they bottle it up or push emotions to the side in hopes that they'll just “forget about it.” Guess what, home boy. Those pent up emotions don’t go away. Instead, they lead to aggression and, at its worst, violence. Toxic masculinity is for women too, especially when it comes to these stereotypes. God forbid a woman be stern and direct. Her peers will respond to this as a threat and call her a bitch. In a world that so desperately wants us to conform, it’s crucial that men and women feel safe to express themselves—free from the chains of stereotypes. When we allow ourselves to be who we truly are, we make space for others to do the same.

Birth Control

Whether you're waiting until you are financially stable to have a child or have serious period cramps, birth control is a game changer when it comes to the female body. Not all woman have easy access to the monthly pill—especially in other countries. It pays to be a feminist because we aren't just fighting for equality in America. We are fighting against the lack of interest in women's health for the entire world.

Abortion Rights

It doesn't matter what your religious or personal beliefs are here. Abortion rights support both the pro-life and the pro-choice folk. There are women who experience unplanned pregnancies as a result from rape and violence. They should have the freedom to choose whether to continue or terminate this pregnancy despite what other men and women might think about the matter. It pays to be a feminist when it comes to abortion for those who are in situations that require them to make such a personal decision, as only empowered women can make choices that are best for them.

The Right to Vote

Hello! If it weren't for the women before us who fought and protested for our rights, who knows what feminism would look like today. For the longest time, only half of the population was contributing to the political conversation, while the other half had no input at all. Claiming our right to vote was a historic feat, which proves another reason why it pays to be a feminist.


Most American children are enrolled in school the moment they are old enough to attend. This is something we often take for granted in the States. Meanwhile, there are millions of children out there who don't get to experience the same luxury. If they do, it's usually the boys who get to go to school while the girls stay behind and learn to take care of the home.

We're seeing more leaders and organizations come together to build schools where girls can also enroll, study, and get an education.


There is an abundance of men in the science and technology field. A lot of this stems from the gender stereotypes and expectations that come with being a boy or a girl, as well as the general climate of a male-dominated field. When you're a feminist, you support expanding the presence of women in the STEM fields. You create a space that encourages girls to pursue science, math, and technology, rather than shy away from it.


Do you really want to know why it pays to be a feminist? That’s right, it's because of what happens in between the sheets. When both people identify as feminists, a spark of magic instantly fills the air. Space is open for acceptance and non-judgement. There is less room for self-consciousness or limitations as to how one chooses to express themselves or present their body. If an issue comes up, both people feel comfortable to discuss it openly.

There are also a lot of societal narratives that claim sex has to be a certain way. Without going into detail, many are experiencing mediocre sex when they could be immersed in other worldly orgasms, to infinity and beyond. If sex is power, feminist sex is the most powerful of them all.

We are already equal, but somehow this is something that has been forgotten along the way. The feminist path that has been paved for the past 100 years will only continue to grow while including others in its liberation.


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