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'WWE: Raw After Wrestlemania' Results, Surprises, and More!

by Michael Reynoso 4 years ago in fighting
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A Full Breakdown on 'Monday Night Raw,' Highlights, Returns, and More!

Image Credit: @WWE

Welcome, Wrestling fans!!

I am yours truly, Michael, and I want to thank everyone for checking out the Wrestlemania 34 review and tomorrow, I will be doing the “Smackdown Live” review as well. It’s going to be a weekly situation, so I would suggest that you guys check out my profile for the latest wrestling news and support your boy.

Also, there will be a two-day event that involves the "Superstar Shake-up" next week both on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live!!

Where will the superstars land?

Can you guys believe it?

Superstars from both brands will be switched and the hype is real. The start time for Raw is at 8 PM and for Smackdown Live is the same time in the USA network. So do not miss this epic event!!!

Today, I will cover the “Raw after Wrestlemania" surprises, and much more. I will also include a few highlights as well for your enjoyment.

So, without further ado, let’s get right to it!

So, it is the “Raw after Wrestlemania” and honestly, for those of you who did not see it, I do not know why. If you do not have any prior engagements, like working or spending time with your family, you need to watch it because it is the best Raw ever. It is mainly because of the fans and the fans are literally Raw. So Raw opens up with Stephanie McMahon walking down the ramp with an arm sling after what happened at Wrestlemania 34.

She goes down the ring and tries to tell everybody that she “respects Ronda Rousey and spoils the greatest fight." Then the fans chanted to her "you tapped out" repeatedly. Of course, Stephanie pulls the "Women's Evolution" card a few times.

Stephanie tried to make amends with Ronda Rousey!

Then the fans went from booing Stephanie to telling her she sucks. Then they continued to say “you deserve it” for her getting hurt, and at that point, she got pissed because when she did her dialogue with Ronda and told her how much she respects her, the fans were actually chanting “shut the fuck up.”


You could tell that the real Stephanie McMahon was really pissed off and did not like that cruel language on a TV-PG programming. Anyways, Ronda Rousey was not having it and did not believe her. Then Stephanie took her hand out for a handshake to make amends for her bad behaviors toward Ronda and Ronda immediately pulled her hand and put her in an armbar.

Ronda Rousey adding more insult to injury!

Then she pulled her arm and Stephanie starts crying and screaming. Ronda lets her go and walks out after a long duration of ripping her arm off, adding insult to injury. The fans loved every moment of it and chanted “you deserve it.” Afterward, a few referees came to Stephanie’s aid and the ring announcer, Jojo, told the fans to “please show some respect for Stephanie McMahon.” Of course, the fans did not care to listen and immediately booed her and chanted “Na. Na. Na, Hey. Hey. Hey. Goodbye!”

That was funny.

So, after that fallout, we found out that Braun Strowman and his new partner, Nicolas (laugh), shockingly relinquish the “Tag-Team Championships” to Kurt Angle backstage. As Braun would put it, “Nicolas has prior engagements and conflicting schedules.” Yeah, of course. It is called “school” (laugh). Honestly, I do not think that age had anything to do with it. I think Nicolas wanted to drop the titles because he found out that VinceMcMahon was like, “Alright, son. If you are going to work here, you are going to be nicknamed 'Nicolas Cage'. Get it. You are going to be fired!” (big laugh). Nicolas was like, “I do not want to be fired” and Mr. McMahon replied back, “You are fired!!” So with that being said, the tag-team titles are now “vacant.”

The “Authors of Pain” was not the final debut of the night because this debut was the one I saved for last.

It was the debut of “No Way. Jose!!!”

The most charismatic party wrestler has made his way to Raw and will keep you grooving all night long. You may know him as Levis Valenzuela Jr. and a solid wrestler at NXT.

Now, he is a part of the WWE main roster and is ready to party!!!

Jose had a very easy win against a guy from the crowd and began to celebrate. This is what the WWE needs right now and I am glad that No Way Jose is on board.

Since the titles are vacant, the Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle, issued a tournament to determine who will win them. There were two tag-team matches to determine who is going to face who next week. Then, whoever wins next week will have to face The Bar, and they wanted Kurt to give them the titles. However, Kurt was not having it and was like, “Nope. Whoever is going to win a "Tag-Team Eliminator" mini-tournament, as I would say, “will face The Bar at “The Greatest Royal Rumble” event."

This is a perfect way to see who truly deserves to become the new tag-team champions.

Now to kick off the “Tag-Team Eliminator” match, one of those two tag-teams were The Revival and The Club (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson). The Revival gave a lot of great offensive techniques and showed us why they are the real deal. Both Luke and Karl did their best to finish them off, but it was not enough. The winner of this match was The Revival and they will advance to next week.

Then, later on, The Titus Worldwide faced off against none other than “Woken” Matt Hardy and “Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt. I am definitely feeling a good vibe from the new tag-team duo of Matt and Bray. Even though the WWE lost faith in Bray, I am loving this new tag-team and this duo should go far this year. In the end, both Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt won the match with the "Sister Abigail" and "Twist of Faith" to advance next week. They will face The Revival and that match will be a treat.

Then Nia Jax came out and celebrated with the fans and the fans chanted “you deserve it,” which put a huge smile on her face. She did deserve it and had a great Wrestlemania moment. Suddenly, both Alexa Bliss and Mickie James crashed Nia’s celebration and start to talk trash about her.

What a sore loser Alexa is!

Both Alexa and Mickie pointed out that Nia does not have a partner and all of a sudden, here comes Ember Moon.

The most skilled athlete in the world today has finally arrived on Raw!!

This was Ember’s Raw debut and she partnered with Nia in a tag-team match against Alexa and Mickie. In the end, Amber was too much for them and both her and Nia won the match with ease.

This was an impressive debut by Amber and welcome to Raw!!

You guys also missed out a huge return, which is, I am not going to say it yet. This return leads to the “Intercontinental” feud with new champ Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. Of course, The Miz came out with his “Miztourage” and wants his rematch clause. Then he told Seth, “I am going to take you on my time and it will be at Backlash.”

Guess who showed up?

Jeff Hardy!!!

Honestly, I was truly excited, but a little bit disappointed at the same time. Because you've got “Woken” Matt Hardy, but Jeff is not “Brother Nero.” Jeff is just Jeff Hardy. He came out with the same “Hardy Boys” theme song and everything. So they set that up for the main event, which ended up in a 6-Man Tag-Team match. That match was basically how Raw closed the show by the way.

We will get to that shortly.

So, with the return of Jeff Hardy, we also saw the return of Bobby Lashley!!!

What an epic return!

We all thought we would never see him again in a WWE ring. Never say never, right?

This was during the Elias concert segment. Now, before Bobby came out, everybody was loving Elias' concert and cheering. No matter how much he tried to be a heel, the fans loved it more and more. He had a point where he called them “scumbags” and the fans were chanting “we are scumbags.”

Weird crowd.

When Bobby Lashley came out and shocked the world with his return, the fans were like “OMG!!!” Then Bobby came down and started beating up Elias. I loved every minute of it and the fans enjoyed it as well. What if Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar and Bobby came out to start a feud with Roman? Now that would be must-see.

However, Reigns did not win the championship and all we have to do is wait until next week for the "Superstar Shake-up."

Now, speaking of Roman Reigns, this was when he came out later in another segment and talked about Brock Lesnar not being there on Raw. Then he continues to rant about he is a full-timer and Brock is a part-timer. Roman also pointed out that he and Brock have a match at “The Greatest Royal Rumble” coming up and found out by the "internet.”

Then he is about to leave and another return comes in and it is…Samoa Joe!!!


It is so great to have him back. Now, the WWE is bringing back Samoa – Reigns feud because Samoa Joe wants Roman Reigns at Backlash. This makes a lot of sense. If Roman manages to finally defeat Brock and become the new Universal champion, Joe will be first in line to face Reigns.

I cannot wait to see how this feud builds up!

Then both Heath Slater and Rhino come out. Of course, Slater does that usual “I got kids” skit and wants the money so he can feed his kids. Then all of a sudden, you see the most dominant tag-team of the “Authors of Pain.” Of course, they annihilated both Heath Slater and Rhino, making a statement. Now what was weird was that after the match, when Paul Ellering was going to walk up the ramp with the “Authors of Pain,” they pushed Paul aside and gave him a look.

They signaled to Paul that they do not need him anymore and I give them props for that. You do not want to always be managed your entire career. Then the Authors of Pain went up the ramp and Paul had that look of betrayal on his face like “what?” I guess we will find out next week on Raw with that situation.

Then, of course, comes a very sad segment that was bound to happen. We were hoping that this segment would not happen. We hoped that it was a Daniel Bryan situation where he comes back from injury after 3 years and is cleared to wrestle. However, in this case, Paige finally announced her “retirement.”


She figured in her case that it was time to retire at the same place where she debuted on the main roster, which was in New Orleans. New Orleans was where she defeated AJ Lee for the “Divas” title four years ago, and basically announced her retirement. It was very sad to watch and I cried during her heartfelt speech. She will definitely be missed and I wish her nothing but the best in what she will accomplish next in her life.

Afterward, it was Sasha Banks versus Mandy Rose. Now, of course, Bailey had to get involved because WWE is doing the whole Sasha – Bailey feud. Then Bailey interrupts the match. She thinks she is helping Sasha and hits her by accident. This lead to Mandy Rose’s victory. Both Sasha and Bailey had a moment where they ponder on whether they should fight each other or not outside the ring.

So both Mandy and Sonya Deville left the ring and Paige picks up the mic and finished her heart-warming retirement speech.

It sucks!

It really does.

Paige is a great wrestler and started the “Women’s Revolution,” when it comes to her and Emma. When they put that fantastic match in NXT, they started having people to notice them. You would say that both Trish Stratus and Lita started this movement, but I am talking about this new generation. I know that Paige will do well in whatever role she chooses in a future career. I hope she works with the WWE as a manager or something else.

One of the funniest segments of the show was when Jeff Hardy, Finn Balor, and Seth Rollins are about to prepare for their match, and here comes Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. Both Matt and Bray stopped Jeff and spoke in "Woken" language. Then Jeff communicated back to them with the same language, bringing out his inner Brother Nero from within. When he told Bray how he felt, Bray told him that he feels "incredible" and hugged Jeff (laugh).

After Matt and Bray's departure, both Seth and Finn looked at him with a funny look and Finn told him, "What was that about?" Then Jeff did a funny nod and walked away, leaving both Finn and Seth speechless (laugh).

I really hope Brother Nero makes its debut and it will soon.

Brother Nero will obsolete you!!!

Now it comes down to this.

Who will stay on Raw?

Will it be Sami Zayn?

Or Kevin Owens?

Let’s find out!

After the Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle told both Kevin and Sami to settle their fight in a ring with their job on the line, they decided to go with it. So, both friends had no choice but to fight against each other. The Canadian wrestlers went all out and gave everything they had in the ring. They performed well in front of the fans and the crowd gave them a well-deserved reception and chanted “This is awesome!”

It was awesome!

At the end of the match, both Sami and Kevin were on the mat and were not able to get up to the count of 10. As a result, the match ended up in a draw. So, neither of them won the match, basically.

So, what happens next?

Since there is no winner here, we will have to find out next week.

Here comes the main event!

A 6-Man Tag-Team match that includes: Jeff Hardy, Finn Balor, and Seth Rollins versus The Miz and The Miztourage (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel). The Wrestlemania crowd was very excited to see their favorite superstars and the match was solid. Of course, team Hardy won the match and each superstar took turns unleashing their finishing moves on The Miz.

Not once.

Not twice, but three times!!!

Yes, I said it.

The fans enjoyed every minute of it. It was all good fun and the superstars gave the fans a great show. Then the announcers closed the show with a goodbye.

Now, this is a perfect ending.

Way to go, Raw!!!

Let’s hope the surprise returns continue on Smackdown Live. Overall, Raw was really entertaining from beginning to end. I hope you guys saw the show and enjoyed it.

That is, it for the reviews today!

Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you for contributing to my post, and I really appreciate it!

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Until next time ^_^


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