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How many wrestlers do you know?

Bring out the big guns!

Any wrestling fans out there? Cup your hands to your ear, and let the crowd roar.

Growing up as a kid in Canada, I was fascinated by the WWF because it was filmed in a local town of Brantford, Ontario. We would go on Friday nights to the local arena to watch some of the top names in the biz bash the crap out of each other. For a kid growing up on a farm, having the wrestling world on your doorstep was more than an adventure. It was bliss.

When the WWF lost its lawsuit to the World Wildlife Fund, I have to admit I was gutted. But also filled with hope. What if they were able to settle this lawsuit in the ring instead of the courtroom? What if the acronym was to be won by a fight? Stone Cold Steve Austin...versus...a giant panda. Sure, they might seem cute, but they could still knock his head off! Hell ya!

To honour some of my favourite wrestlers, I have created this wee quiz. 20 questions about 20 wrestlers. How many of them can you name? Will you be able to win this Battle Royal, or will you get pinned early in the match? How far back in the ring can you go in your mind to find the answers?

The answers for this quiz are at the end of the quiz. So be patient, try to see how many you can get, then wait til the end. I don't normally add the answers to my quizzes, as I want to encourage people to follow my YouTube channel. You can do that as well.

Some of my favourite wrestlers are from that aged era of the 80s and 90s, when it was 'ok' for an athlete to drink a beer before a match, or a huge rail of blow to get the heart pumping. I remember even going back stage at some of the matches to meet the guys, and was awestruck how cool everyone was. Although they might have hated each other in the ring, they were blasting tunes and knocking back beers, as the nightlife in Brantford was non-existent.

I was also thankful for one wrestler (no name) who swerved my brother and I from another wrestler (unnamed) who was a bit touchy-feely. Nice that even back then guys knew who the paedo was, and were aware enough to jog you on.

Like anything when you get older, it's a bit sad when you actually saw what really happened to these guys. The 'Jake the Snake' doc and others by Mick Foley really let you into the crumbling world of fame these guys had to endure. Injuries, substance abuse, abject poverty, and no support net to help them when age pinned their career's for the last time.

Here are some of my top wrestlers to watch when I was a kid.

Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat

A.k.a. Richard Henry Blood Sr, which almost sounds like a cooler name. 'Ricky Blood' would have also have been a great name. What I liked most about Ricky was how cool he was. He didn't flinch under pressure, didn't bow down to some of the more nefarious characters, and if he got on the top ropes, you were in trouble! Sadly decades of jumping off the top ropes paid a toll on Ricky's back and knees. It never stopped me from pretending to be him while climbing on top of the garage and waiting for my dad to come home so I could surprise him with a 12 foot elbow. Who's calling who for dinner now bitch?

Rowdy Roddy Piper

The cadence of Roddy's voice and the cocksure swagger of his persona was one of the reasons I always loved to watch him. He was always the bad guy, until that time he teamed up with Hulk Hogan which was awesome beyond words. When he finally made the move to acting, I was also hooked. They Live still remains as one of those iconic, cult films featuring cheesy graphics and acting. But that's why we love them and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Hulk Hogan

The man that changed wrestling. Terry Bollea turned wrestling on its head, with his massive steroided frame, drizzling golden locks, and cancer inducing perma-tan, he was every little boy's hero. When the Hulkster seemed to be down, that's when he turned it around. His hand would cup to the ear, as he weathered a series of blows from opponents that lost lustre with each rush of adrenaline. You knew what was going to happen next, the comeback was on, and the legdrop was going to end your night. Watching his sex tapes, you sort of get that same sick feeling his opponents must have faced.

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Wade McElwain
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