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Wizards present Bill, Timber wolves reproduce the divine stroke

Goodbye Wiggins, Curry welcome strong helper!

By Horse MoroPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

In the long history of the early NBA, the traditional center had a dominant position, Olajuwon, Jabber, Duncan, O'Neal have led the team to win the championship. However, after entering the small-ball era, a top guard and wing became the cornerstone of the team to win the championship. Although Joking and Ibidem are both top big men, of which Joking won the regular season MVP, their teams did not go very far. Instead, the Warriors got their fourth championship trophy with Curry's outstanding play. However, Curry is already 35 years old, his athletic and physical health along with age will certainly show signs of decline, and in the series against the Grizzlies, we have seen the impact of the young Grizzlies to the Warriors inside, if not Kerr timely detection of the problem, reused Rooney, this series of deer is really not sure who died, which also reflects the side, in the increasingly competitive West If the Warriors want to achieve back-to-back titles in the final years of Curry's career, it is important to strengthen a star-level interior, and next season's trade deadline, the Warriors may usher in the most excellent opportunity to strengthen.

As we all know, in the off season, the Timber wolves sent away four unprotected first-round picks to get French center Robert, this operation makes the outside world elusive, after all, the Timber wolves already have an all-star center Towns, in the small-ball era group double-tower lineup is undoubtedly self-defeating. Although Robert will unleash the threat of Towns on the offensive end, and the Timber wolves will benefit greatly in terms of protecting the frame inside, but in the face of some teams with top outside singles, Towns and Robert will become the object of military training for the guards. The Timber wolves, touted as the biggest dark horse of the new season, could be in danger of a collapse early in the season. However, the Timber wolves trade Robert may be doing two-handed preparation, Towns in the Timber wolves for many years, always difficult to lead the Timber wolves to get rid of the title of fish brisket, and the reason why they killed the playoffs last season, the performance of the new star Edwards is notable, and Towns in the playoffs is not stable, he is a lot of 3-point shooting from the outside, so that the Timber wolves are stretched in the rebound protection, instead, Edwards gradually played On the contrary, Edwards gradually played the performance of a top guard and had the seeds of becoming the team's boss.

Obviously, once the Timber wolves' double-tower lineup fails, the Timber wolves are likely to send away Towns and reinvent the team's offensive system with Edwards as the core. And James Percy, basketball reporter for the American media NBA Analysis Network, wrote an article today saying that the Warriors could take over if the Timber wolves decide to trade Towns. Peary proposed a potential three-way trade proposal, in which the Warriors got Towns in this deal, while the Timber wolves got All-Star guard Bela, and the Wizards decided to rebuild, getting Wiggins, Kunming, Galen Lowell, 2025 and 2026 first-round picks from the Warriors, and 2027 first-round swap rights from the Warriors. So, what are the chances of this three-way deal holding up?

The Wizards just gave Bela a 5-year, $251 million super contract in the off season. For the Wizards, they knew it was a premium contract, but they had to give it, and as a small ball market, it was the only way they could keep their star. However, the Wizards are unlikely to be a playoff team for the next few years, and if they decide to rebuild, Bela is the bargaining chip they need to get their rebuilding assets, but it's unlikely the Wizards will Bill's deal gains too much, after all, his contract league not many teams are willing to accept. Wiggins played like a top 3 forward last season, and his contract is about to expire. The Wizards could extend his contract and then use his trade value to recover some rebuilding assets. Cummings is a rookie with a lot of developmental value to keep for himself, and the Warriors' 2026 and 2027 first-round picks could be worth a lot.

For the Warriors, Towns and Curry team up is undoubtedly a pearl, he can both down the fast break, but also long-distance shooting 3 points, to help the splash brothers pull space, from a certain point of view, Towns is undoubtedly suitable for the modern NBA concept of the interior, without the loss of Thompson, Green and even Poole's case to get Towns, the Warriors are undoubtedly earn a lot, this also formed a no-hole four big team, the luxury of the lineup The team is no less luxurious than the cosmic brave period.

For the Timber wolves, Bill a more comprehensive skills of the guard, when the opponent put pressure on him defensively, he can kill the paint to score, he has a strong foul-making ability. On the defensive end, Bela has a good defensive nose and can defend both positions in the post. Although his contract is really too big, he is definitely more threatening to go farther when he teams up with Edwards and Robert. In addition, next summer Russell's contract expires, the Timber wolves will most likely not renew with it, and the team will also free up nearly 30 million of payroll space to prepare for the renewal of Edwards.

For this potential three-way deal, what do you think?


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