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Why FIFA World Cup in Qatar was in fact the best ever

Despite FIFA's attempts to ruin everything, the world cup in Qatar was the best ever

By Matic CretnikPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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Before the tournament, I made a brave call. I predicted the world cup to be one of the best ever. I was wrong. It was the best ever. But not because of FIFA. They have tried to and are still eagerly trying to ruin everything. Luckily, there were things that made the tournament stand out and we should all be proud of it.

Let’s get one thing straight. FIFA will try to convince you that the tournament was the best ever because a world cup match was for the first time officiated by a female, civil and some other rights in Qatar were addressed more seriously, and fans were enjoying the most modern way of hostility etc.

Don’t be naïve. FIFA set the primary KPI (key performance indicator) based on the revenue. Since the tournament was record-breaking in that aspect, they labelled it as the best ever. They only cared about the money and succeeded in that aspect. Period. Anything else is acting stupid.

However, football fans worldwide should see it as the best because of the other more important reasons with higher impact and not just filling the corrupt pockets of some elite personnel.

Firstly, (neutral) fans watch football because of the goals, right? FIFA World Cup in Qatar was the highest goal-scoring tournament of all time with 172 goals surpassing the 1998 and 2014 events by a single goal.

To be fair, we may have missed a spectacular screamer or two more but why should we look for a needle in the haystack in the first place?

Secondly, Africans made history. Morocco was the first African team that made it to the semi-final. Until that point, the highest African teams have come was a quarter-final (Ghana in 2010 and Cameroon in 1990).

There is no denying that because of other non-footballing reasons Africans experience major issues when competing with European and South American teams.

Regardless of that, this time they have cleverly used their experience of playing a major tournament in the middle of the season — this is the common case with the Africa Cup of Nations. It’s a shame (for them) tournaments won’t be held during the season anymore.

Thirdly, as I predicted players were in the middle of the season in top physical shape and form. They weren’t tired after a very long season as was the common case in the past. That gave lesser-ranked teams more chances.

For the first time, there were countries from all continents playing in the round of the last 16. Although favourites prevailed in the end — excluding Marocco — the above-mentioned achievement is a decent thing for competitiveness.

Fourth. Besides the pitch action, we should mention outstanding off-the-pitch things as well. Maybe, I should have mentioned that earlier but here comes. Ladies and gentlemen EA Sports have rightly predicted the winner of the world cup for the fourth consecutive time.

In my home country, we would say “svaka čast” (translated into something like “very well done”). So, having expert football people that have that sixth sense is a very welcome thing in a world of ad-hoc doubting expert knowledge.

After all, I get it for 2010 in 2014. I rightly predicted Spain and Germany to win that one as well. But the last two? Ok, although my money for 2018 was on Belgium and I came close, I get why France.

Argentina … hmm … Yes, they have won the last Copa America and made-up competition called Finalissima. Yes, this was Lionel Messi’s last chance and he was in sublime form. Yes, the team looked well-structured and led.

On the other hand, was that enough to select them as the winners above other teams? Make no mistake, congratulations to EA Sports. Enjoy. I am sorry to say, but your next prediction will be wrong because I will bet my money on it (haha).

📷 © Pixabay

Fifth. I have saved the best for the last. Literally. Lionel Messi’s story. I am miles from being his fan. Despite that, I have no trouble acknowledging him as the best the world has ever seen. His magic on the pitch, golden balls and trophies support that judgement.

Yet, in order to be seen as the GOAT (greatest of all time) after let’s say 30 years, he needed that trophy. After the world cup trophy, he can say that he completed football.

Moreover, he united practically the whole world. There is a joke that only French and Portuguese fans didn’t want him to win.

Maybe I am exaggerating but the way his story of being the best but having to wait so long to achieve his dreams touched more people than any other action in the world can. And Instagram was with his post just an indirect winner.


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