Why Boston Is Better off Leaving Paul George Alone

by Dan O'Shea 3 years ago in basketball

George is a superstar, but not the one Boston has been waiting for.

Why Boston Is Better off Leaving Paul George Alone

People have been waiting for the Celtics to make a big splash at the trade deadline for years. Ever since they stole the Nets’ picks for what seems like the better part of a decade, people called it the heist of the century.

So far, that “heist” has graced Boston with the likes of James Young and Jaylen Brown — not exactly the superstars they’ve been waiting for. Watching GM Danny Ainge hold onto these picks has been like watching the Revenant. You’re waiting for fireworks, and they’ll come eventually, but you’ll certainly doze off in the process.

Every trade deadline, the Celtics are linked to one superstar or another in exchange for the prized possession of the Brooklyn Nets pick, which thanks to the dumpster fire that’s currently taking place in Brooklyn, looks like it could be top 3. The name linked the most to Boston just hours before the deadline ends has been Paul George.

George is a superstar, but not the one Boston has been waiting for.

There are many ways to go about defending George storming into Boston and becoming the reincarnation of Paul Pierce. Yes, he’s a star and the two-way player Boston needs. Yes, he’s clutch and has playoff experience. The question you must ask is: what’s the long term?

George has already come out and stated he won’t sign long term with anyone but the Pacers or his hometown Lakers.

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Ainge has made it clear that he’s in this for the long haul. That’s why he didn’t trade for DeMarcus Cousins while the Kings were dangling him across the league for the amount of money you can find under your couch — and it’s the same reason why he shouldn’t bite on George now. Boston isn’t interested in rentals. Having George come and go with just a few lasting memories to remember him by just puts them in a higher level of limbo when they have no stars, no picks, and have to pay a number of contributing role players residing in Boston right now. Mediocrity is death in the NBA. If George isn’t staying, there is no sense in targeting him.

Many begrudgingly stubborn Celtics fans have also said they’d rather have George than Jimmy Butler. Those are the fans who are still riding the high of his playoff run against the Heat years ago. If you look at the stats, this is a no brainer.

Butler has the stats, the two way capability, and the contract. Just because he’s the answer but happens to be unobtainable doesn’t mean you can shove George in the same scenario and conjure up success. Adding a star like PG13 isn’t exactly fitting a square block into a triangular opening, but it’s making a move for the sense of making a move. Not for proper building.

Boston finds themselves in a position no other team in the NBA is in. They currently have the talent to nip at the heels of LeBron and company with a win projection over 50, yet they also have the building blocks for the future. The overflow of options for the future makes Celtics fans understandably trigger-happy, but George isn’t the answer.

It isn’t about this season or the next. It’s about challenging the Cavs now, and for life after LeBron. There are greener pastures outside of this trade deadline if Boston doesn’t land George.

Celtics fans just need to see the light.

Dan O'Shea
Dan O'Shea
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