Who Will Win The Super Bowl? Which Team Has The Advantage?

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Breaking down each team statistically

Who Will Win The Super Bowl? Which Team Has The Advantage?

The first Super Bowl of the decade and hopefully the best in history. Super Bowl LIV is not looking to disappoint the fans. Kansas City Chiefs led by Patrick Mahomes and the 49ers led by their top defense, this will be a very fun game to watch. Now the big question. Who will will? I will be going into the statistic of each team and how each team has the advantage. Read more to see who should win the Super Bowl.

1) Quarterback Advantage

Patrick Mahomes, who has shined to be the best quarterback in the league will surely have the advantage, but by how much?

San Francisco 49ers:

237.0 passing yards per game (13th)

Jimmy Garoppolo stats:

3978 yards (12th)

27 TDS (Tied 5th)

13 INT

102.o QBR

Pretty good stats for Jimmy Garoppolo. Making him easily a top 10 quarterback, so if they have troubling running the ball they won't struggle with Jimmy Garoppolo.

Kansas City Chiefs:

281.1 passing yards per game (ranked 5th)

Patrick Mahomes stats:

4031 yards (10th)

26 TDS (Tied 8th)


105.3 QBR

Another spectacular season achieved by Patrick Mahomes after getting injured and missing 2 games and 3 quarters. After his injury he returned back to normal and completely dominated defenses in the playoffs.

Advantage: Chiefs

2) Rushing Advantage

The 49ers rushing offense has been one of the best in the league. Let's see how they both compare.

San Francisco 49ers:

144.1 rushing yards per game (2nd)

Tevin Coleman:

Rushing Attempts: 137

Rushing Yards: 544 yards

Average Yards Per Run: 4 yards

Rushing TDS: 6

Raheem Mostert:

Rushing Attempts: 137

Rushing Yards: 722 yards

Average Yards Per Run: 5.6 yards

Rushing TDS: 8

Matt Breida:

Rushing Attempts: 123

Rushing Yards: 623 yards

Average Yards Per Run: 5.1 yards

Rushing TDS: 1

The 49ers haven't had 1 dominant runner this season. These 3 running backs all did the dirty work, each part time. Raheem Mostert shined against the Packers with 220 yards and 4 TDs. It will be interesting to see who gets the starting role in the Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs:

98.1 rushing yards per game (23rd)

Damien Williams:

Rushing Attempts: 111

Rushing Yards: 498 yards

Average Yards Per Run: 4.5 yards

Rushing TDS: 5

LeSean McCoy:

Rushing Attempts: 101

Rushing Yards: 465 yards

Average Yards Per Run: 4.6 yards

Rushing TDS: 4

It's clearly obvious the 49ers have the best rushing attack, no explanation needed.

Advantage: 49ers

Overall Offense

The Chiefs are the better passing team and the 49ers are the better rushing team. So, it's hard to give a title to who's better. They both have the best TEs with Travis Kelce and George Kittle. They both carry an explosive offense. In the end, for a team to win, they need to pass the ball. With the unlimited targets for Patrick Mahomes, it makes it much easier for them to go down field.

Advantage: Chiefs

3) Passing Defense

Both defenses have improved since last year. Essential pickups and trades boosted their team. This led both teams to achieve top 10 passing defenses

Kansas City Chiefs:

221.4 passing yards allowed per game (8th)

8th passing defense is solid for a team that was never known for its defense. The addition of Tyrann Mathieu, Kyle Fuller, and Frank Clark boosted the defense's stock. They might be able to give some trouble to Jimmy Garoppolo with this scary group.

San Francisco 49ers:

169.2 passing yards allowed per game (1st)

There is nothing more to say. They have the best passing offense. The addition of Nick Bosa, Kwon Alexander, and Dee Ford the defense has been unstoppable especially the defensive line. 3 top 10 players playing in the front 4 is extremely scary for any defense. Will Patrick Mahomes be able to hold the pressure against the top passing defense?

Advantage: 49ers

4) Rushing Defense

This is one thing both defenses have struggled with, but the passing defense has allowed them to still not allow much points.

Kansas City Chiefs:

128.2 rushing yards per game (26th)

One of the worst defenses for rushing in the league. Somehow they stopped Derrick Henry in the playoff. The defensive line has the talent, but not too strong linebackers to stop running backs which would be an issue against the second best rushing offense.

San Francisco 49ers:

112.6 rushing yards per game (17th)

49ers have been a mediocre rushing defense in the league. One of the brightest defensive line, but they're still not top 10. Just like the chiefs they could also use better linebackers. The rushing attack of the Chiefs isn't too good so it shouldn't be much of an issue.

Advantage: 49ers


After running down the numbers, the winner of Super Bowl LIV is the San Francisco 49ers! Leading the league in rushing and having a solid offense will give them a good push against the Chiefs weak rushing defense. The 49ers defense is also too strong compared to the Chiefs. Statistically, the 49ers should win the game, but it looks to be a good game, and looking forward to eat amazing food and watch the amazing game!

Thanks for reading my writing, can you do me a favor by tipping me. Have fun in the Super Bowl!

John Tasci
John Tasci
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