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What Went Wrong: You Have to Play NINE Innings, Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers end up swept out of the postseason despite early leads

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The Milwaukee Brewers' 2023 season was quite an interesting one. Few people thought they'd finish atop the National League Central this year. Last year it was the St. Louis Cardinals, but even with the team falling off, it looked like it would be the Pittsburgh Pirates at first, then the Cincinnati Reds. Despite everything, the Brewers rose up and took that top spot, while the Reds and Bucs fell off big time.

The Brewers' last impressive run came in 2018, and I remember that season quite well, as Christian Yelich was closing in on the Triple Crown. They reached the NLCS that year, made it to Game Seven, but that's when the dead end hit them. Milwaukee's been looking to get back to that point and even a few steps farther, and this year's quest began against an Arizona Diamondbacks team who also wasn't supposed to reach this point.

So what went wrong for the Brewers? Well, they started well, but they didn't finish.

The Brewers started Game One with an early 3-0 lead, and it looked like that they would add on to the lead and just take down Arizona. Instead, they stopped scoring, and the Diamondbacks, bit by bit, took control and put up six unanswered runs to take Game One, with a few of them scored via the longball. Game Two saw the Brewers up 2-0, and then 2-1, though again, the Diamondbacks fought back. Ketel Marte's two run single gave them the lead, and not only did the D-Backs not look back, they looked forward to their eventual trip to the City of Angels.

That's what did them in. The Brewers forgot that they have to play nine innings.

Unsurprisingly, Christian Yelich produced in this series, going 4-for-8 with two runs, but did not drive one in. The batting leader in this series is shortstop Willy Adames, who went 4-for-7 and drove in a run. Mark Canha and William Contreras each had three hits, and the only home run came from Tyrone Taylor. Regarding pitching, Corbin Burnes didn't last too long in Game One. Only four innings, which tied his shortest outing of the season. At least this team scored runs--five total, so offense was definitely not a problem. Again, the team started good and strong, but did not finish, and that led to their early exit from this year's postseason.

This is the second season of this current format, and both times, the #6 seed has advanced. The Arizona Diamondbacks move on to MLB's Elite Eight, advancing in the postseason for the first time since winning the National League Wild Card Game in 2017. Arizona will face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLDS, a rematch of the 2017 NLDS that saw the Dodgers sweep the D-Backs. As for the Brewers, well, I have no clue what 2024 will bring. The National League Central has been insanely unpredictable in recent seasons. It definitely wasn't good this year; none of the teams had really strong outings. Because of this, one would think it's open for one team to really take that top spot and run with it for the next few seasons. Can that team be the Brewers? It's possible. They do have some good talent. Can they keep it together and maintain some semblance of consistency? That's a question I can't answer. We'll just have to wait and see what develops with the Brewers.

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