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What Went Wrong: A Taste of Their Own Medicine

The Philadelphia Phillies were dethroned as National League Champions by an Arizona Diamondbacks team who was in the same spot as the 2022 Phillies

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

I just want to say that I haven't seen a League Championship Series this captivating since 2003. That year also was both LCSes go the maximum seven games. In the National League, it was the Florida Marlins and the Chicago Cubs; the Cubs were up 3-2 entering Game Six, where they had a 3-0 lead, and then...Steve Bartman happened. Marlins came back and won Game Six, and took Game Seven to win the pennant. In the American League, it was the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox; another chapter in that bitter rivalry. We all know how Game Seven went. Boston up 4-0, and then 5-2, they were close to the curse being broken, then Pedro Martinez was left in to give up three clutch Yankee runs. Mariano Rivera pitches a shutout 9th, 10th, and 11th, and in the bottom of the 11th, Aaron Boone (the future Yankees manager) hits a walk-off shot off the legendary knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield.

Speaking of Wakefield, I was stunned and heartbroken to hear about his passing following his brain cancer diagnosis. Hell of a pitcher, quite the knuckleballer--we don't see knuckleballers in this league anymore. This Yankee fan knows that Tim Wakefield will be missed, but forever admired and respected. That's a fact.

On to the subject at hand, we saw a crazy seven-game ALCS that saw the road team win at every turn. The NLCS saw the Philadelphia Phillies take Game Five to go up 3-2, and it looked like Philly was going to take care of business, but Arizona managed to steal Game Six on the road. Even so, there was still Game Seven. Still in Philly. Ranger Suarez on the mound, and they talked about his numbers being very historic (comparisons to Christy Mathewson and Sandy Koufax were made regarding Suarez's numbers). He was untouchable entering Game Seven. But on that night, he was touched. Not too much, but just enough.

So what really went wrong with the Phillies? The easy answer is that the hitters, who were killing everything all postseason and even a month or two before that, just stopped hitting. But that happens when pitching gets hot. The pitching wasn't too much of a problem for Philly. So really, it was just one of those things. The Phillies' chances and their luck, just ran out. Plain and simple.

Is Bryce Harper ever going win a ring? I consider Harper the best hitter in baseball, but he has been snakebit when it comes to the postseason. He was part of the Washington Nationals' postseason appearances, but they all ended with the Division Series. After the 2018 season ended, Harper signs a big deal with the Phillies, and right after he leaves, that's when the Nationals win the whole thing. His first taste of the postseason with the Phillies came in that 2022 run, and it saw him get to the World Series, only to fall two wins short. I would like to think that Bryce Harper will get a ring in his career. The chances should be there.

And there you have it, the 2023 World Series is set. The Arizona Diamondbacks are going to the Fall Classic for the second time in franchise history; their only other appearance came in 2001, which saw them win the whole thing in seven games. They will face off against the Texas Rangers, who will have home field advantage in the World Series. Amazing, isn't it? The Diamondbacks took the same path that the Phillies took last year: got the last spot, wasn't expected to be in, yet pulled off massive upsets to get this part--including taking out the team whose 2022 playbook they borrowed from. As for the Phillies, they'll be back. They should be back. A team that deep should have a number of chances to go that extra mile or two in future seasons. Plus I can't really see them dropping anyone from this roster. We'll definitely see the Phillies next October.

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  • Antoinette L Brey4 months ago

    I enjoyed the last game. I must admit I was expecting philly to have more fight, but I was rooting for Arizona so I was happy about the outcome. Arizona had very good pitching. They had alot of strikeouts, just when Philly needed to get their act in geer.

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