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Warriors infighting will soon be settled, Green teamed up with James or become a final decision

The Blazers made three cuts overnight.

By Cucchia TinPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

The NBA preseason has already started, but some teams have already given up on the new season, such as the Jazz, Spurs, and even the Suns, and may choose to strategically abandon next season, and the reason for this is simply because of a young man called Wen Banyan. And just this past night, the Blazers suddenly cut three players, which seems to be the intention to join the "rotten" ranks. And as last season's championship winners Warriors, there will be big moves shortly, Green is likely to join forces with James, how specific, let's take a look together.

Previously, the Trail Blazers signed an Exhibit 10 contract with Cacao and a training camp contract with Taiwan. Brandon Williams played for the Blazers last season, appearing in 24 games and averaging 12.9 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 3.9 assists per game.

Today the Blazers officially announced that the team officially cut Devonian Cacao, Wesley Wander, and Brandon Williams.

A team is built to either swing for the fences, move forward, or work out the youth. And the Blazers' trades, draft picks, and various operations give the impression that they just want to ...... stay alive.

Year after year, the team is fully armed to rush the championship, but every year there will always be only one championship, year after year, there are also teams completely rotten swoop, but the chances of getting to take the top talent, at most and most only 12.5%.

Blazer's boss how thinks do not know, but how to look at the situation of the Blazers now, is the cup half empty cup half full of choice, perhaps they do not know how to choose the next step or Lollard's lack of confidence, or they know their team situation, in the western giants four up, they have strategically abandoned, and now all that is done, are only for business.

The "Torn City" is a small ball market, everything to long-term stability to sell tickets to make money, to the present, but also the future, do not seek to climb more than the minimum standard to meet the expectations of the fans even if the success, the rest to see where the stars can bring even where, not forced. Only the pursuit of limited investment in the interests of maximum.

Two, the warriors, or forced to trade Green, and let him join forces with James.

Green and Poole's conflict video has been made public, from the details, Curry was also in, but the two sparring, Curry did not discourage. And Green's sudden quick and accurate punch also knocked Poole straight down, knocking Kunming dumbfounded in place and daring to pull the fight, only to spin in place. Although Poole finished the training at the end, from this powerful punch, Poole is also watching how the Warriors do, if you can not choose between the two, Poole will not renew the contract.

Green has sprayed almost everyone on the Warriors, including Kerr, and according to Kerr, it's gas, and anger, something a championship team must have. But Kay seems to have some resentment, he said: If you want to play in the Warriors, then you must suffer Green's angry spray. All the bad talk has now been aimed at Green.

To use an old saying to describe Raymond. Green's behavior is: "Wings are hard, and his mind is alive!" When strength is not enough to convince people, you have to rely on the old man!

Green rose in the Warriors system, but also the achievement of the Warriors system, his existence, so that the Warriors passing system and small ball play into the mainstream, the peak of his role for the team is indispensable. After the back injury, although the defense and passing ability are still passable, the shooting decline is serious, the passing and cutting system exists in name only.

In last season's finals, the fans were angry, that he is the Celtics undercover, off-season, and to show James, and back stab Curry, coupled with the pre-season training heavy hitters, all this foreshadowed Green must leave the team!

The Warriors' payroll was already under a lot of pressure and has stretched the Warriors' operation to the limit, resulting in Green jumping out and challenging the Warriors' bottom line over and over again. The most important thing is that the team will be able to get rid of the problem.

According to sources, there are already sports experts, suggesting that the Warriors make a three-way deal to send Green to the Lakers, the specific proposed trade plan is

The Warriors send Dream catcher Green and get master.

The Lakers send Willis, their 2027 and 2029 first-round picks, and get Dream Green and Yield.

The Pacers send Yield and Turner to get: Willis, the Lakers' 2027 and 2029 first-round picks.

If this deal is reached, the Warriors not only save 10 million in luxury tax, but also can successfully leave younger Wiggins and Poole, and also completely solve the internal instability, while the arrival of Turner can make the Warriors' lineup more perfect.

Turner is an offensive and defensive player, who not only can pull the team's space, but also has the league's top rim protection ability, as well as excellent athletic ability, he came to the Warriors, both in the high post steering, but also in the low position to find opportunities, at the same time he also has the three-point ability, once he and Curry play blocking, at least not to let the opponent all pack Curry.

If the opponent dares to wrap up, then Turner's open three points will make them pay. He is much more significant to the Warriors than Green, after getting him, the Warriors will not have any shortcomings, enough to deal with the challenges of other teams next season, even if they meet the healthy Clippers, and the Timber wolf's newly formed "five of death", will not be in the underdog, just a little bit of luck, then the championship will still be the Warriors.

For the Lakers, they not only sent away Willard but also got Yield and Green, who has been interacting with James in the off-season. After this intro-team conflict incident, the Hawks' Tran Young, directly picked Green's mind, saying that Green just wants to go to the Lakers.

The Lakers, to avoid the regret of George and Leonard passing them by, now it necessary to trade to Green. Green is still quite useful to James, especially on the defensive end, he and the thick eyebrows can support the Lakers' defensive system, even in playing conversion, when facing 4 defense 5, they can quickly react and wait for their teammates to return to defense. This will make the Lakers leap into a championship contender.

For the Pacers, it would be just the thing to satisfy their desire to get the Lakers' first-round pick, which could help them finish their rebuild quickly.

Overall, the deal has strong interoperability, whether it can be reached, let's wait and see.


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