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They're pushing this guy?

by Dyllon Rodillon 20 days ago in fighting

The worst WWE pushes in my opinion

They're pushing this guy?

For those of you unaware of what a push is in the professional wrestling world, a push is very simply when management in professional wrestling says we're going to give you the spotlight. Now go make us some money. This is primarily done with the use of various championship belts in professional wrestling. A push is usually, but not exclusive to, wrestlers on the rise. Also a push usually results in more airtime, both on the weekly showings and pay per views. Next you could have feuds with established wrestlers, that way when you beat them you'll get more notoriety. This is just a few ways a push is done. Now, a push can sadly also be manipulated by management due to varying different reasons, but more often that not once a push is started we as fans get to decide how we're going to respond. Below I've listed 3 wrestlers that really did not deserve the crazy pushes they've gotten in their history. Just a very quick disclaimer. Although all of these men were multi time champions, I won't bother bringing up their acolytes because they should not have gotten those belts if you ask me.

Santino Morella

Let me start off by saying I got to see "The Battle of the Billionaires" in real time, boy what a fun time. If only we knew back then eventually Trump would become our president. But I digress. Santino made his first appearance as a fan Vince McMahon "randomly" picked from the crowd to beat Umaga when no one could beat him. And the only person who could beat Umaga, was Bobby Lashley. During which, Bobby would routinely be injured, or bared from the WWE, or even cheated out of matches by Vince himself. So, Vince introduces Santino, and that truly was the beginning of the end for me. Santino helped usher in the "PG era" of the WWE. Agreed upon to be the worst time in the WWE. Worst of all he was the "comic relief" that was horribly unfunny. His gimmick was he barely understood how to speak English and he had a unibrow. Saying that out-loud as I'm writing this article gave me a mini headache. Just, a horrendous character that definitely did not get the push he deserved. Worst of all, his finisher. The snake thing he would put over his arm, I don't even remember what it was called. Once more, just awful character.

The Miz

We get it, Miz is supposed to be an unlikable character. He's supposed to be the obnoxious, self obsessed, D-bag. Whatever, but with the Miz it's so cookie cutter. Trust me I can appreciate those kinds of characters. I actually loved John Morrison's days in MNM when they had their feud against "Team Extreme". First of all even though MNM wasn't the first to make vanity their gimmick, where they made up for it was their amazing feuds with team extreme. I may not have cared for their gimmick, but boy did MNM let their wrestling skills do just as much talking as their promos did. Now, honestly can you think of any memorable feuds that the Miz has had in his over a decade now being in the WWE? Honestly all that really comes to mind is his feud with Dean Ambrose which was more to put Dean over. And his wrestling skills are very, lack luster for someone that talks so much. Now; I get cutting a good promo is a very important part of the WWE. But you still need some sort of good matches. Lastly, his catchphrase of "I'm awesome!" again, seems like literally the laziest catchphrase possible. I can really tell you put some deep thought into that. Before I forget, granted Daniel Bryan has his "YES" chant but that came organically and every time he starts the chant it's just electric. I really can't explain it, but I've never wanted to chant "I'm awesome" in reference to the Miz since well, you really can't chant that.


I'm cool... Remind me, how is that a gimmick? And then he'd like, spit an apple at you. Literally the best part of his gimmick and spitting the apple at you was when The Sandman was able to return the favor and spit his beer back in his face. Once again I genuinely don't remember much about him, or his career, or his feuds, nothing. However, I do remember Carlito's Cabana. Granted the "talk show" is nothing new. Jericho had "The highlight reel", Miz has "Miz TV", and Alexa Bliss has Alexa's playground to name a few. Carlito's Cabana actually wasn't bad, he had some good promos there with all the superstars at the time. But once more, nothing too creative. Nothing all that revolutionary. Yet he

At a certain point I'd actually appreciate if you just didn't have a gimmick. There's something I've always appreciated about guys who were your everyday buddy, that just happened to be absolutely fearless. It seemed more genuine then a forced gimmick, instead of something genuine. Some guys that come to mind is, pretty much anyone from the original ECW wrestlers especially the "ECW originals" ironically enough, Edge, and Dean Ambrose to name a few. Oh and even though you have a moniker I don't consider that to specifically be your gimmick. Anyhow, even "the muscle", gimmick or not gimmick of; Batista, Goldberg, and Bobby Lashley to name a few I appreciated. Because of one word, simplicity. That is why these guys do not deserve the push they got.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed what you read today. I have plenty of different articles on many different topics. Feel free to give those other articles a read or two. Also if you'd be so kind, I'd greatly appreciate a heart and if you really feel so inclined tips are always appreciated but by no means required.

Dyllon Rodillon
Dyllon Rodillon
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