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The three NBA teams most likely to get Durant

The three NBA teams that got Durant

By Janno VinoPublished about a year ago 4 min read

With the heavy news of Durant's application to leave the team shortly after the opening of the free agency, both fans and media commentary on the world of public opinion and the market and the pattern of the next season's team map instantly also exploded, it can be said that it is always quiet before the storm, and a stone is enough to stir up a thousand waves.

Durant and the Nets still have several years of long term contract in the body, in the off-season soon after the start of such a decision, it is indeed a lot of fans feel contempt for its approach, I believe it is more directly to the local fans of Brooklyn and the team's holder Tsai Chongxin chilled heart.

The Nets are now close to the nail in the coffin to start the rebuilding process, and how to use KD for a more desirable asset is a top priority. For the rest of the NBA team, if there is a chance to get Durant this level of star, I believe many teams will participate in a foot, offer, can be expected to participate in the number of teams competing and involved in the number of chips to do the size of the staff.

Durant's next home is likely to be where, the decision is in the hands of the Nets. The player is not benevolent, do not blame the team is not righteous, Durant can go where, that depends on which team to open the chips can be the most satisfied with the Bucks to decide.

The current personnel and chip configuration of the teams and the team's intentions and development stage, I will be in this article a little organized, inventory the most likely to get Durant's three NBA teams or in the competition is slightly ahead of the three major NBA teams, for your fans reference. Of course, if there is a debate or the bead of the choice, you are welcome to leave a message in the comments section to share.

Three, Miami Heat

Perhaps the biggest chips available: Tyler Hilo, Duncan Robinson, Kyle Lowry, 2023 first-round pick, 2026 second-round pick, 2027 first-round pick, 2029 first-round pick.

The concept of "non-sellables" is relative, in front of the opportunity to trade to get Harden, Riley is to take Heero as non-sellables, but the object upgraded to be Durant, things are not so natural, to fight for Durant, Heero is not put into the go is not possible to negotiate.

Riley has never been an ambitious and cold-blooded schemer who dares to imagine, if there is a chance to get Durant, should give it a try and end up with the best program and possible chips to negotiate with the Bucks, take down the situation to take Butler out plus something directly for KD may also be possible. Just, the more embarrassing thing is that the Heat and the Bucks are in the same East, put Durant to the same division of the team, for the Bucks may not be the best choice.

Two, Phoenix Suns

Perhaps the biggest chips that can be offered: Ayton, Mikal Bridges, Crowder, Saric, 2023 first round, 2024 second round, 2025 first round, 2027 first round.

From the current point of view, the possibility of Durant joining the Sun is the highest and theoretically the most likely to meet the three-way expectations of the Sun, the Bucks and Durant. For the Suns, they really lack an effective ball-handling power point on the wing, Booker as the chief singles player to compete for the title is still not enough, and the team's own overall development and Aston's claim to produce the contradiction has long been foreshadowed.

For the Bucks, to see this level of excellent rookie Aston in the trade as a chip main dish, plus some excellent ready-to-play players and draft picks to go with it, may have been a more acceptable program on the market.

I. New Orleans Pelicans

Perhaps the biggest chips available: Ingram, Nance Jr, Trey Murphy III, Alvarado, 2023 first round, 2024 first round, 2025 first round.

After the selection of Zion, New Orleans Pelicans fans can experience a great ups and downs of expectations from heaven to hell, from originally expecting the Twins to lead the team into contention, to subsequently being able to expect nothing to happen to Zion and to just play normally.

After a dismal season, it is to be expected that the Pelicans will reorganize their approach and enter the Durant fray. In fact, the chips they can offer should be quite attractive to the Bucks in the league. In addition to having a star-level player with a style of play quite similar to KD as their main chip, they can also add some young wing additions.

The most important thing, because of the previous AD deal, they got rich draft picks from the Lakers, their own team itself in 2023, 24, 25, 26 have 2 first-round picks, which is their biggest advantage to participate in the Durant competition. After all, for the Bucks, they also know to take KD for the equivalent war power, but also want to compete in the next season is actually not very realistic situation.


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