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He Said What?

The Sports Reverends talk about breaking sports news and topics! We are no experts, but we are passionate about sports! We love to talk and debate about sports and different hot takes!

We have over 35 000 followers on Instagram!

We also have over 1000 views per episode across our podcast platforms!

Our new YouTube Channel already has over 1500 subscribers and we are averaging 1000 views per episode!

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It is not the size of the person, but the size of their heart that matters.

Sports teaches an unlimited amount of life lessons! Drew and Dan, both know that the lessons we have learned from sports from sportsmanship, loyalty, work ethic and so much more....have shaped us into who we are today. We want to share about current sports news and sports can make a positive impact on your life!


At The Sports Reverends we are personally inspired by sports. Sports teaches us all about life and how to succeed in life. Our goals in our life where to make it to the big leagues. That did not pan out. Even though that goal may have failed it has inspired us throughout our whole lives.

Personally, without sports I am sure I would have ended up in a gang and/or in jail. Learning about teamwork, hardwork, dedication and loyalty help me grow in my own life and kept me out of major trouble. Seeing some of my heroes who are celebrity athletes (Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Michael Irvin and many others!) share about their inspirational journeys inspired me.

Our goal is to take the lessons we learned from our sports careers, combining them with current sports news around the world, to help make a positive difference for the next generation. Sports saved my life and I know it can save many others.


We produce one to two podcasts per week. Each podcast will cover different sports news from around the sports world and we share our stories and opinions on it all!

We love to debate and get our listeners involved! Listeners can get involved through our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and of course our website!


We also love to receive fans topics for debate or for us to answer! You can email us at [email protected]


Hit us up in our messages on our social media platforms!


The Sports Reverends discuss five questions in the NBA:

1. You get to make the NBA schedule. What's the first game you want to see?

2. Which player do you expect to have a breakout performance?

3. Which 2020 free agent will you be watching most closely?

4. Which Eastern Conference player will have the biggest impact on the NBA title chase?

5. Which Western Conference player will have the biggest impact on the NBA title chase?

We also played a 'for fun game' called HE SAID WHAT? - The Sports Reverends have been operating for over one year and we went through a few episodes and found different clips. We had to decipher if the clips where said by "The Sports Reverends" or "other sports analysts"

Lastly, we talked about the NFL and debated which quarterbacks in their third season will have the most success?

Please check it out and like and subscribe!!


On our website www.thesportsreverends.com we have a challenge to see if you can beat The Sports Reverends. We have three questionnaires on our website involving the NBA, NFL and NHL. If you fill out all three questionnaires we will keep track of everyone's answers and see who can beat The Sports Reverends answers. I bet, that no one will beat us!


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The Sports Reverends
The Sports Reverends
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