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The Positions of Volleyball

What are they and what is their purpose?

By Feathermoon Published 4 months ago 3 min read

Volleyball is a dynamic sport that requires players to work together as a team to score points against the opposing team. Each player on the court has a specific position to fulfill, and each position comes with different responsibilities. Here are the most common positions in volleyball and what they entail.

1. Libero: The libero is often considered the defensive specialist of the team. This player wears a different colored jersey and is the only player who can substitute in and out of the game for a specific player without counting as one of the team's total substitutions. The libero is responsible for digging and playing balls in the backcourt, as well as passing difficult serves.

2. Defensive specialist: The defensive specialist is another player who primarily focuses on defense. This player is typically a back-row specialist who can dig and pass well. In some cases, the defensive specialist might also play as a hitter, but their primary role is to keep the ball alive on defense.

3. Serving specialist: The serving specialist is a player who is particularly good at serving. This player might come in for a specific rotation and serve for the entire rotation. The serving specialist's job is to score points off their serve or at least make it difficult for the other team to return the ball.

4. Outside hitter: The outside hitter is one of the most common offensive positions in volleyball. This player typically plays in the front row and is responsible for attacking the ball from the left side of the court. Outside hitters must be able to jump high and hit the ball with power and accuracy. They also need to be able to block and play defense in the back row.

5. Opposite hitter: The opposite hitter is another offensive position. This player plays on the opposite side of the court from the setter and is responsible for attacking from the right side. The opposite hitter also needs to block and play defense in the back row.

6. Middle blocker: The middle blocker plays in the front row and is responsible for blocking and attacking the ball from the middle of the court. This player needs to be quick and have good timing to effectively block the other team's attacks. The middle blocker also blocks for the right side and the left side.

7. Setter: The setter is arguably the most important position on the court. This player is responsible for setting up the team's attacks and making sure the ball is passed to the right hitter at the right time. The setter needs to be able to think quickly, have good communication skills, and be able to make accurate sets likes outside set, middle set, back row set, opposite set. They can also do ball drops or dumps.

8. Right-side blocker: The right-side blocker is similar to the middle blocker, except they play on the right side of the court. This player is responsible for blocking the ball from the right side. They are basically setters.

9. Left-side blocker: The left-side blocker is also similar to the middle blocker, except they play on the left side of the court. This player is responsible for blocking the ball from the left side. They are basically outside hitters.

In conclusion, each position in volleyball comes with different responsibilities, and it's important for each player to fulfill their role to the best of their abilities. Every single position is just as important as another. By working together and communicating effectively, a team can make the most of their players' strengths and win games.


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