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The decision to go is made! Mapper decided to move to Real Madrid!

Paris expected to sign 150 million euros attacker

By Horse MoroPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

As the most expensive player in European football, Mapper has always been undoubtedly one of the most talked about players. In the past transfer window, he had a long period of transfer rumors with Real Madrid, and it was even once thought that it was a sure thing that he would play at the Bernanke Stadium. However, the situation eventually turned around and Mapper chose to stay at Paris Saint-German, signing a very lucrative contract with the team. In the opinion of Paris Saint-German, keeping Mapper will be a key element in the team's challenge for the Champions League title, so they gave Mapper a huge salary package in addition to a lot of other privileges that the rest of the team did not have.

From the performance of this season, Mapper continues to be in good shape. He made 9 appearances in the league and contributed 8 goals with an average rating of 7.53. In the Champions League, he collected 3 goals in 3 matches with an average goal score of 1 and an average rating of 7.58. In the transfer market, Mapper is valued at 160 million euros, which puts him firmly at the top of all players in world football. Under his leadership, Paris Saint-German is also soaring in the league and the Champions League, and is in the leading position in both fronts. Judging from the current situation, Paris Saint-German is very hopeful to get the coveted Champions League trophy this season. However, objectively speaking, compared with the two teammates on the front line, Mapper's performance is not the most outstanding.

In Paris Saint-German's front line trident, the most outstanding performance in terms of statistics is undoubtedly Maryanne. The 30-year-old Brazilian star has contributed 8 goals and 7 assists in 10 league games, and is directly involved in 1.5 goals per game. However, among the three players mentioned above, Mess has the biggest role to play. Mess finished the season with five goals and seven assists in nine league games. He had the best player of the match in five of those games, which is more than the rest of his teammates combined. Mess's average rating of 8.58 is the highest of any player in the league. In addition to his stats, Mess is also very important for Paris Saint-German's tactical role. He not only has excellent finishing ability, but also takes up a large part of the team's offensive organization. In addition, his cooperation with Maryanne is quite good, and the linkage between the two is one of the most important offensive means of Paris Saint-German this season.

Compared with Maryanne and Mess, Mapper's position is a bit awkward. First of all, from the data level, Mapper has not yet completed assists in official matches this season, which is a stark contrast with the number of assists of Mess and Maryanne, which has become an important reason for the criticism of Mapper. Secondly, in terms of relationship with his teammates, Mapper also did not handle it properly. From the current situation, he and Maryanne have almost been "incompatible", in the case of only about a quarter of the season, he and Maryanne have had several unpleasant experiences. For example, the penalty shootout. This was the first head-to-head encounter between the two. In this matter, Maryanne did not give in, which made the not-so-ideal relationship between the two being presented to the outside world for the first time. In the handling of this matter, Paris Saint-German chose to put things to rest, trying to get the two back together with a cold approach. However, the relationship between the two eventually drifted apart.

From Mapper's point of view, he was very unhappy with the way the team handled the issue during the season. When he renewed his contract with the team, many of the privileges the team had promised him were not fulfilled. Especially in terms of the team's tactical system, Mapper has repeatedly expressed his desire to have a pivot player on the front line who can help him attract the opponent's defensive force, thus allowing him to get more space. But the team did not sign such a player as Mapper requested. In Mapper's opinion, the fact that he had to play up front in many games was one of the major reasons why he didn't perform as well as Maryanne and Mess this season. According to Marva, the relationship between Mapper and the team has completely broken down after several unsuccessful communications with the team. It is reported that Mapper has decided to leave the team in the winter transfer window and he decided to move to Real Madrid. From the current situation, Mapper's attitude to leave the team is very determined, if the transfer can not be completed in the winter break, then he will leave the team after the end of the season.

For Mapper's attitude, Paris Saint-German side also seems to have prepared, they seem to have started looking for a suitable replacement in the transfer market. According to French media Media foot, Leo has become the main target on Paris Saint-German's reinforcements list. The Portuguese attacker has continued his excellent form this season. Paris Saint-German is willing to activate the release clause of 150 million euros in Leo's contract.


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