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The Bills are Screwed, and They Don't Deserve Sympathy (AFC East Preview)

Previewing the AFC East entering the 2024 season

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 8 days ago 5 min read

That time is coming, ladies and gentlemen! The NFL season is on the horizon. The month of July is the last month before any NFL games take place of any kind. Also, IMO, this is the month that fans should dive in and start drafting in Fantasy Football. I have my many reasons why I'm excited for the 2024 NFL season, and honestly, one of these reasons will be mention in this story. My original plan was to pick just one team from each of the eight divisions and focus on them only, but I decided to just make it about each of the divisions as a whole and discuss what to expect from each of them. Also, the teams will be listed in reverse standings order, because I cannot end each story with teams we know aren't going anywhere.

Case in point:

New England Patriots (4-13)

Jerod Mayo will begin his first year as Patriots head coach

You know, it must be really great to be a spoiled sports market. The Bruins somehow get into the playoffs every year, and the Celtics just won their 18th NBA Championship. Even the Red Sox are showing some promise, so because of all of this, Bostonians aren't really sweating the Patriots being in this current situation. However, I would think that they would want something to improve, but the good thing is that the Patriots find themselves in a situation that they hadn't been in for so long: they have nowhere else to go but up.

I honestly think that the hiring of Jerod Mayo as their new HC could make a bit of a difference. No playoffs, though; they are a long way from that. Though, I can see a two, maybe three game improvement from last year's 4-13 campaign. They may finish out of last place in 2024. Who knows?

New York Jets (7-10)

Is this the end for Robert Saleh?

Who remembers the New York Jets' back-to-back appearances in the AFC Championship? I certainly do. Both years were shockers, but the bigger one was 2010, as that run actually included the Jets tearing down Foxboro with Brady and Belichick in it! Sadly, that was their last postseason. It really sucks that this team just can't have nice things lately. The last 13 seasons have seen no playoffs, only three .500 or better seasons, and only one of those three was a winning season.

That would change once they got the GOAT, Aaron Rodgers. Or at least it would have had he lasted more than four plays.

The 2023 season ended literally four plays into Week 1. And now the offseason has a lot of drama caused by Rodgers' unexcused absence, though that's actually the latest bit of drama coming from Rodgers. As for head coach Robert Saleh, well, he's been left holding the bag. I'm scared for Saleh. I fear that Rodgers' BS will get Saleh fired. For some reason, Jets fans want Saleh canned even though none of this bad shit is on him. This year will only be Year Four with Saleh. That's not long. But as I said before, minority coaches, sadly, don't get as long of a window as their White counterparts have received. I hope I'm wrong, but I honestly think this year will see one of either two outcomes. Either Rodgers stays healthy, they still suck, and Saleh gets fired, or Rodgers gets hurt early in the season again, their season dies, and Saleh gets scapegoated and fired. And if they actually promote Nathaniel Hackett to HC...oh boy. Considering the fact that their owner, Woody Johnson, is a staunch racist, I wouldn't be surprised.

Miami Dolphins (11-6)

It's honestly high time that respect gets placed on Tua Tagovailoa's name. The Miami Dolphins were a fun team to watch in 2023, especially for Fantasy owners. Tua was tearing up games, but it wasn't just him. Raheem Mostert got the ball quite a bit and scored at the right time. The defense had some very delicious performances during the season. And of course, there's Tyreek Hill. Need I say more? The Dolphins were in a prime position to win the East, but that final game against Buffalo was a killer. Those who saw that game, myself included, say that the Dolphins should have easily won it, but they blew too many opportunities, and as a result, they were a Wild Card runner up via tiebreaker (lost both games to Buffalo).

Dolphins ended up fizzling in the playoffs, and everybody and their brother's putting all of the blame on Tua. Seriously, why do they do this? Tua has so many great games, but one loss, and all of sudden, a QB with a 101.1 rating sucks. Pessmists always say, "Well, the 70 point game inflated Tua's stats." Games like that inflate everyone's stats; the people picking on Tua are just biased and don't know anything. Tua is the best QB in this division, and in 2024, I can see the Dolphins taking over the East without question.

Buffalo Bills (11-6)

The Buffalo Bills are fucked. If their fans can't see it, it's because they're a) delusional, and b) racist.

Every year, fans think that the Bills will emerge and go all the way. And every year, they fall short. Almost every year, it's the same dead end: the Chiefs. Bills fans have blamed everything under the sun (including the sun) for their failures. They've blamed the overtime rules, so the NFL changed them entering last season. They've blamed Arrowhead, but in their latest playoff meeting, the Bills had the home field. So by Bills fans' logic, they should win, right? Nope. Lost again.

But with this loss, delusion reached the point of racism. Bills fans actually scapegoated Stefon Diggs, who is Josh Allen's meal ticket. I'm sorry, I should say "was Josh Allen's meal ticket." Diggs is now in Houston. I am so sick of talented Black players being scapegoated for the incompetency of their White counterparts. The right person to blame is Josh Allen. Don't say Tyler Bass; kickers get enough abuse as it is. Josh Allen was exposed in that loss, though to be honest, he was exposed months before that game. But racist Bills fans will still pick on Diggs and call him a "diva" simply because he's a Black athlete with a personality.

And I'll be honest, I think they got rid of Diggs to appease those racists. The Bills will regret that. There will be no playoffs for the Bills this year. Amazing, the Bills hate KC so much that they want to be KC. KC got rid of their best receiver and won...twice. But that only works if you have a competent QB. The Chiefs have one. The Bills don't. Bills fans better be ready to apologize to Diggs after Buffalo finishes 9-8 and misses the playoffs this year.

* * *

The AFC East will be quite interesting, especially due to the fact that I absolutely sense a changing of the guard between the Dolphins and Bills. The Patriots with Mayo as coach should be interesting, and regarding the Jets, I do hope I'm wrong and Saleh gets a fifth year regardless of what happens. It will be quite the wild year for the AFC East for sure.


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  • Philip Gipson8 days ago

    I really felt the impact of your newest sports article right here.

Clyde E. DawkinsWritten by Clyde E. Dawkins

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