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The Best Horse Racing Events for 2022

The Race Day to Top Them All

By Admin K Published 2 years ago 5 min read

The Royal Ascot is upon us on 14th June, and we can only hope that the weather is on our side.

However, once the event comes to an end, you might find that you’re already excited about the next horse racing event. After all, it’s another chance to dress in our smartest outfits and gather with our friends to celebrate.

But you may wonder what are the best race days to attend in the UK. Men’s clothing retailer Charles Tyrwhitt has gathered insightful data on the top 10 major horse racing events based on their Google monthly search volume. A number of factors have been given a score to rank the events, including:

• Attendance

• Number of Races

• Cost of the cheapest ticket

• Days of the event

• Length of races

So which racing event tops them all? Here, we explore the top 10 and what you can expect to see.

1. The Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot takes the crown in the rankings with a final index score of 100, but if you’re lucky enough to have snapped up a ticket this year, what can you expect?

Scoring first for the attendance, which is an average of 300,000, it’s apparent that it’s a popular event. Expect to see all attendees looking their best, given the formal dress code – and with a crowd as large as this, you have the perfect opportunity to flaunt your very sharpest attire. Remember that men’s suits must be of a matching pattern or colour, so you can fit the part.

Royal Ascot’s unbeatable high score for attendance is matched by a high score for the number of days, so you know you’ve got the ultimate race experience. With a five day-period of races, you can keep the celebrations going and sport a new smart outfit each day.

2. Aintree Randox Health Grand National

Taking the silver medal is the Aintree Grand National. But what stands out in this event for it to earn a final index score of 82?

The length of the races is what really makes the Grand National special. The track clocks in at an impressive four miles long, so it’s no surprise that it has scored highest here compared to the other events on our list. The adrenaline rush will certainly kick in here as you watch your chosen horse closely – and with the second-highest score for the attendance, there’s likely to be a joyous cheer from the large crowd to add to the atmosphere.

3. Qatar Goodwood Festival

In third place is Qatar Goodwood Festival with a final index score of 81. Here’s why it earned its spot:

With a prize-winning score for the number of days for the event, there’s plenty of fun to be had over the five-day period. If cricket is one of your other many interests, day one of the festival will suit you well. The event typically kicks off with the annual cricket match. Or, on day four of five, opt for a blue suit to be part of the L’Ormarins best-dressed competition 2022 and be in on the chance to win a trip to South Africa.

4. Cheltenham Gold Cup

Cheltenham didn’t make it to the podium, despite its popularity – but it did receive a final index score of 71.

The event scores high for the number of days, and if this isn’t enough to entice you, it plays an important part in the sporting calendar every year. Some of the winners include Arkle, Golden Winner, and Best Mate, so it’s an opportunity not to miss.

5. St Leger Festival

In the fifth spot is the St Leger Festival with a final index score of 66. If you’re keen to experience Yorkshire’s classic horse racing event, you’ll undoubtedly want to know more about what it offers.

Not quite first place, but St Leger Festival earns the second-highest score for the price of the cheapest ticket, so you’re getting good value for your money. Since 1776, many people have been drawn to the iconic Doncaster Racecourse for the event, and it’s one of the oldest centres for horse racing in Britain.

6. York Dante Festival

York Dante Festival takes the sixth spot in the rankings. If you’re a racing enthusiast, this is one to add to the list, given its final index score of 58.

For £7, the cheapest ticket cost on our list, you can’t go wrong attending the York Dante Festival. It’s one of York’s biggest meetings of the year with racing action spread across a three-day period; experience entertainment off the track and indulge in delicious food, too.

7. Ladbrokes Winter Carnival

In seventh place is Ladbrokes Winter Carnival with a final index score of 55.

The Ladbrokes Winter Carnival might take place in November, but the impressive score for the length of the races means it’s bound to turn up the tension while you watch in anticipation. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to experience horse racing all-year-round instead of waiting impatiently for summer.

8. Coral Welsh Grand National

Ranking eighth is the Coral Welsh Grand National with a final index score of 51, here’s what you can expect if you attend:

Scoring particularly high for the number of races, there’s plenty of horses to add to the festive fun, as it will be taking place this year on 27th December. In the limbo period between Christmas and New Year, this couldn’t be a better way to carry on the celebrations.

9. Tingle Creek Christmas Festival

Second from the bottom of the list is Tingle Creek Christmas Festival with a final index score of 47.

With the festival taking place at the start of December, it’s only appropriate to squeeze this into your festive activities. Plus, this event has one of the cheapest tickets compared to the other events, so there’s no excuse to neglect this one – gathering with friends to attend the races couldn’t come at a better time.

10. QIPCO British Champions Day

Last, but certainly not least, is the QIPCO British Champions Day with a final index score of 34 – and 10th place is no reason to doubt the event.

The excitement isn’t only for the horses. With prizes to be won, a jockey masterclass, jockey signings, and an afterparty, it’s a day filled with activities. Be sure to tick the UK’s richest race day off your list.

If you’re attending Ascot this year, you’ll, of course, be pleased with the rankings. However, there are many more events that have different attractive factors, and they’re spread throughout the year too. Which horse racing events will you be attending this year?














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