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Thank you Cena

A reaction to John Cena's retirement

By Dyllon RodillonPublished 6 days ago 3 min read
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Last night at Money in the bank, John Cena has officially announced his retirement from the WWE. The man who first introduced the "Ruthless Aggression Era", introduced the world to "Thuganomics", and has been through thick and thin with the WWE has decided it's time. Thankfully the retirement isn't abrupt, he will have a retirement tour in 2025. Thankfully during the post PPV press conference John did confirm he will finish all of 2025 instead of what I initially thought of retiring at or right after WrestleMania. If done properly, this farewell tour will be absolutely incredible. So what is there left for John? He's given us fans over 20 years with WWE alone. John has won 16 world titles, performed in thousands of matches, flown hundreds of thousands of miles flown, and inspired millions over the world.

Well there is of course the obvious. Take Flair's record and become the only 17x WWE champion. Personally, I'm torn on my feelings about John going for number 17. He ABSOLUTELY deserves it, do not get me wrong. There does come the issue of which belt of course. I feel like Cody is the last person John would want to take the belt away from just due to his story and both me being babyface's at the current time. Yes Cody can turn heel but it's way too soon for that. So as it stands that leaves taking Damian's belt. Which all things considered is fine. Damian is a heel and it would be a great honor for Damian to retire Cena. However, I don't think that's the proper booking decision. First off, if you were to go down the route of "put someone over on your way out", Damian is 41 himself and with the Judgement Day is already over enough as is. He won't need the help from John. I do though have an idea of who John's final feud should be with in a subsequent article that's currently in the works.

So back to my initial reaction. John's speech was absolutely incredible. As someone who loved WWE growing up, lived through the Ruthless Aggression era, played the Raw vs Smackdown games with my friends. Man we're getting old. However with John's Hollywood career taking off and father time being undefeated. I do agree, it's a perfect time for John to call it quits while still having enough in the tank for a proper goodbye to all his fans. The merchandice he and the WWE have cooked up together is absolutely perfect too. It really helps send the message this in no way is a "work", this is really it for John. So strap-in for one last ride. I'm also happy John will be able to see himself on Netflix when Raw moves to Netflix 2025. He himself talked about that and what a great opportunity it is.

From the bottom of my heart, as casual of a wrestling fan I am, thank you John. Thank you for everything you've given. There truly will never be another John Cena. My one last wish, if I can be selfish. Yes John's schedule will be busy with all the movies he's making and of course with his continuing work with Make-A-Wish, please stick around John. In the same way you were finding yourself and Stephanie gave you a chance to flourish being yourself. Pop in to the WWE and just be a positive voice for the up-and-comers struggling to find themselves in the WWE. I know John will do a great job and I know Triple H and Stephanie will always welcome John back with open arms.

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