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Survivor Series 2023 Recap: He's Back...AGAIN

WWE's 37th annual equivalent of the Fall Classic exploded in the Windy City

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Well...CM Punk is back for the umpteenth time. Oh boy.

Let's get this out of the way, shall we? So the main event was the men's WarGames bout: Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, "Main Event" Jey Uso, and Randy Orton against the Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre. It looked like the babyface side would be shorthanded, as it was teased that Orton hadn't arrived and wouldn't do so. The Judgment Day and McIntyre appeared to have that permanent 5-on-4 power play well in hand. It even looked like we'd see a Money In The Bank cash-in during WarGames!

And then the music hit.

Randy Orton emerged and made his return, fulfilling Cody Rhodes' guarantee that his former Legacy leader would appear. What would follow was the babyface team ganging up on Dominik Mysterio, Orton delivering a devastating RKO to JD McDonagh, and last of all, Cody Rhodes--in the very match that his legendary Hall of Fame father originated--delivering the winning Cross Rhodes finisher. The quintet emerged victorious, and the night was all about them...until it wasn't.

A few bars of Cult of Personality later, CM Punk appeared. It's my fault. I was stupid enough to actually believe that in the man's hometown, we would actually be spared an overdramatic CM Punk return. I should have known better. So CM Punk is back in WWE; at least I wasn't delusional enough to believe that this would be a one off. This was Punk's first appearance in WWE since early 2014, and we all know how that went.

Even worse than the comeback is the many, many fans who like to pretend that he's not a toxic crybaby. That's clearly racially motivated, because those same fans call Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Thunder Rosa crybabies, yet CM Punk bitches and throws a tantrum, and those same fans cry for him. It's racist and pathetic, and it's part of a racial double standard that has existed for decades. WWE's part of this problem, too, because the fact that they didn't waste time calling Punk tells me all I need to know. So how long until he fucks this up? Because, trust me, he will. CM Punk and crybaby tantrums go together like the New York Yankees and World Championships.

The Survivor Series card had five matches overall. The three that were sandwiched by the WarGames matches were quite interesting as well. Before coming out with Damian Priest's briefcase, Rhea Ripley had another successful title defense against Zoey Stark, Gunther's marathon Intercontinental Championship run continued with a submission win over The Miz, and Santos Escobar defeated Dragon Lee.

Now on to the real reason for watching Survivor Series:

The only problem I have with the Women's WarGames match is this: why was the men's match 5-on-5, while the women's match was 4-on-4? It's not like WWE hasn't borrowed from NXT before. We could have seen Lyra Valkyria on the face side while the heel side stays on the main roster and takes Xia Li. Even so, it's a small gripe, I can let things slide. The storylines leading to this were great. First off, Asuka's heel turn and joining Damage CTRL. I swear, that gave me vibes of Kurt Angle joining the Alliance entering Survivor Series 2001. So we now have Asuka, the recently returned Kairi Sane, and Iyo Sky alongside Bayley in the faction, while Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, and Shotzi needed a fourth. Charlotte found the perfect fourth...in the form of Becky Lynch. That gave us another storyline: could Charlotte and Becky get along?

We got our answer.

I nearly cried when I saw this. I'm not just a fan of both women, I absolutely loved their friendship. Those two were so close. It's because of them that I learned the phrase, "spill the tea," which is a buzz-phrase used when someone wants some gossip. The heat was more than a rivalry; there was a real life falling out. Yet on this night, we saw Charlotte and Becky hugging it out. I think they truly missed each other. I think they missed their friendship. And I think that friendship is back; the optimist in me really believes that.

Women's WarGames kicked off Survivor Series, though I saw it as the actual main event. We saw all eight women truly go all out; Iyo covering herself with a trash can and making a dive, Charlotte with a moonsault on top of the cage, and all of the babyfaces taking down Bayley. The babyface side won, and I was so elated. I was hoping the babyfaces would win both WarGames matches, because they were facing two heel factions who, quite frankly, have overstayed their alliances.

Another amazing Survivor Series in the books, even with the CM Punk return. The fallout should be an interesting one! I'm hoping we see the beginning of the end of Judgment Day and Damage CTRL. They've been around for well over a year, they've had their fun, but as the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end."


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  • Philip Gipson3 months ago

    Clout-chasers like CM Punk give humanity a bad name. This article I just read makes me not like him for sure.

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