Sports Court Construction

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Sports Court Construction

Sports Court Construction
Tennis court

Sports Court Construction

Sports courts provide safe surfaces to allow many people to play a variety of sports on one court without a higher risk of injury. Imagine being able to safely play volleyball, basketball, pickleball, and tennis all on one court in the comfort of your backyard. Whether you are looking for a residential area or commercial area, installing a great sports court can be a great option for your area.

Residential Areas

Residential areas are perfect places for sprorts court installations. Whether you have a family with sport loving children or want to have an area to stay fit and healthy, they can be a great option for your home. There are many residential options to choose from like single sports like basketball or multi-sports including basketball, picketball, and tennis all in one.

Commercial Areas

Commercial areas can benefit greatly from sports courts by providing top choice courts that coaches and athletes alike approve of! There are many options to choose from with commercial sports courts with either single courts or multi-sport courts. This can be great for places like fitness centers so they can offer many different sport courts to stay fit.

Types of Sports Courts

There are many different styles and types of sports courts to choose from and that includes the types of sports you want. Whether you are looking for single sports or multi-sport courts there are options and sizing for both.

Many areas can benefit from concrete flooring whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial areas. Residential areas such as garages, living rooms, and kitchens are popular places where concrete floors are found. These floors have become very popular with homeowners because of their durability as well as their strength. Commercial and Industrial facilities have utilized these floors for years because of their longevity and various design options. This flooring can be made different colors or polished to a high shine depending on company needs.

Basketball Courts

One of the most common sports and courts there is is basketball. Many people invest in basketball hoops for their children or just to have fun but imagine having an entire court! With this court you can choose a half or whole with many different color options. Basketball courts can be made to fit any yard size and budget to make your back yard look and feel like the real deal. These courts are specifically designed to be low maintenance without the worry of warping, peeling, or fading.

Tennis Courts

Whether you want this style court to be indoor or outdoor you can bring the feeling of country club tennis to your own back yard! Just like with any other sports courts, these surfaces are great for impecable grip for your athletic lifestyle and can come in many different designs and color options.


Pickleball has become one of the most popular sports in America because its engaging nature and social aspects. These courts are great for staying fit while enjoying time with friends and family with a little competition.

Typical Cost and Options

These sports courts typically cost anywhere from $11,000 to $75,000 for full installation. No matter which sport court you prefer or a multiple sport courts at that there are many different styles and sizes available. You can choose to have your court done with regulation style colors or some of your favorite colors to bring your personality to your court. With residential sports courts you can choose the size of your court to fit your needs. Typical construction takes anywhere from 3-4 days and you’re ready to play. There are many options whether you plan to turn your entire backyard area into a basketball court or if you are looking for a corner spot for a half court. There are so many ways to personalize your choices you can’t choose wrong!

Closing Thoughts

Concrete flooring is a trending flooring option because of the durability and versatility concrete has to offer. This flooring is environmentally friendly and won’t break the bank which is both important in today’s times. Whether you are looking for your home or business indoor or outdoor, concrete flooring has an option that can suit your needs perfectly!

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